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13 May 2020

Mafia Trilogy REVEALED: Teaser trailer, breakdown, remastered & more

Mafia Trilogy REVEALED: Teaser trailer, breakdown,
remastered & more

2K's mobster franchise looks to be making a comeback, with a brand new teaser trailer dropping!

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Teaser Trailer

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Trailer Breakdown

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Official Announcement

2K has just dropped some massive news, releasing a teaser trailer for the all-new Mafia Trilogy!

Keep reading to watch the trailer and find out more about the upcoming game.

Teaser Trailer

2K has released a 30-second teaser trailer for Mafia Trilogy which you can check out below:

What can we learn from this trailer?

Trailer Breakdown

So there may not seem like much to take away from the 30-second teaser trailer, but it does giveaway a few aspects of the new game.

mafia trilogy vito scaletta remastered

OLD SCHOOL: Relive WW2 vet, Vito Scaletta's story in Mafia II

Ultimately, the game looks to be a remaster of the old games - named 'Trilogy' we can assume that all three original Mafia games will return as part of the remastered edition.

mafia trilogy lincoln clay remastered

WHO YOU DIE FOR: Follow Lincoln Clay down his path to revenge in Mafia III

This means we can expect to replay Mafia, Mafia II and Mafia III, all with improved graphics!

We don't know much more than that currently, but it's not long until 2K will unveil new information about the remastered trilogy.

Official Announcement

The end of the teaser trailer reveals that the official announcement for Mafia Trilogy will be coming on Tuesday, 19 May 2020.

mafia trilogy revealed 19 may info

OFFICIAL REVEAL: The full announcement is set for Tuesday, 19 May

We're sure to learn much more about what will be included in the game in the full announcement.

Check back on 19 May as we'll update this page with any new information from the full launch.