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Lost in Random, the latest game from Zoink, promises a strange dark land and an interesting dice roll combat system. With the financial power of EA behind them, they have been given the time and space to work on something entirely new. Now, it's almost here. This is what you should know about Lost in Random's release time.

Lost in Random Release Date

Lost in Random will officially launch this Friday, September 10th. This leaves a mere day until you can play it for yourself.

With months of teases behind us, it's finally almost here.


Release Time

According to the Steam page, Lost in Random's release time is set for 2 am PT / 10 am BST on September 10th. That being said, that release time is a little different on consoles.

On the Nintendo support page, it says that new games tend to arrive around 9 am PT / 5 pm BST. That being said, they occasionally arrive a little earlier than this.

On PlayStation and Xbox, games tend to uniformly arrive at Midnight your local time. This means that these consoles may be the earliest you can possibly play the game. There's a chance it won't start immediately. If this happens, give it an hour and try again.


Luckily, Lost in Random has a pretty good spread of platforms it's arriving on. First, you can play the game via PC on Steam or on Origin. If you have EA Play Pro, you can play it for up to 10 hours as part of your subscription.

Lost In Random
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If PC isn't your kind of thing, you can play it on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch on day one. Good luck in there, you'll need it.