Is Lost in Random on Game Pass and EA Play?

Lost in Random, Zoink's latest action-adventure game, is almost upon us. This brand new EA title promises some interesting dice-based battles and a powerful story.

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If you're wondering if Lost in Random is coming to Xbox GamePass and EA Play, here's what you should know.

Release Date

Lost in Random is scheduled for release on Friday, September 10th. This leaves mere days until we finally play it for ourselves.


After months of build-up, it is finally almost here.

What is Lost in Random?

Lost in Random is set in the kingdom of Random, where your fate is decided by a dice at the age of 12. You play the role of Even whose sister has been abducted by the Queen. You must travel through the realms to try and save her.

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Along the way, you meet Dicey, a sentient dice who can help you out. You have to learn the rules of the land and use your buddy to get through it all.

Is Lost in Random on Game Pass/EA Play?

As of right now, there are no plans to bring Lost in Random to Xbox Game Pass via EA play.


This all being said, the game will likely come at some point over the next year. EA has a partnership with Xbox to bring their service to Game Pass ultimate.

This means your subscription to Game Pass Ultimate will get you Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play. Generally, we don't see EA titles come to the service day one but we do tend to see it after a year or so.

This means that if you want to play Lost in Random but could wait a year, it may be worth the wait. If you want to play it for yourself right now, you may just have to pre order it before Friday. You can get 10% off right now with EA Play.