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Lost Ark March Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, Abyss Raids & More

After finally being brought over from Korea the popular MMORPG, Lost Ark, has been a smash hit in the Western hemisphere. Similar to Diablo and Path of Exile in its combat, the game is like no other MMO seen before and it's been addicting ever since.

Being that it was released initially in 2019 in Korea, there are tons of new content that players in the West have yet to explore.

With that being said, here's what Lost Ark players have to look forward to in the March update.

Lost Ark March Update Release Date

Although there's no scheduled release time for Lost Ark's March update, players can expect servers to go down for maintenance at around 3 am ET for a few hours before returning live with the new update.

Lost Ark March Update Patch Notes

The developers have given a glimpse of what's to come in the new March update and even though it's not the full patch notes, players can expect a roadmap soon.

Here's what is known about Lost Ark's March update so far.

Story Episode - Kadan

Players will get to experience a new storyline that comes with its own quests, new islands, and cinematic moments.

Lost Ark March Update: Kadan
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PROGRESSION: More story will come out of Kadan

The quests will include a cast of new and returning characters as players learn more about the Sidereals and search for the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian slayer, in their journey to find the final Ark.

In order to begin this, players will need to have completed Feiton, alongside completing the following quests as a prerequisite before going onto the new end-game questlines:

  • Yorn - Let There Be Light
  • Whispering Islet - Start of Our Story
  • Illusion Bamboo Island - End the Trials

Abyss Raid - Argos

A first of its kind, players will embark on a new end-game activity: Abyss raids. Similar to Guardian raids, players will need to work together to defeat a Guardian before the time expires, with a limited number of revives available to the party. Abyss raids will have eight players fight against a Guardian, but these are no ordinary Guardian as they are more difficult.

Lost Ark March Update: Argos
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MIGHTY: Players will have to work together to defeat Argos

Additionally, players will have to work through three distinct phases in order to vanquish their foe. In the three phases, the Guardian will grow more powerful with different mechanics and attack patterns. Each phase has its own rewards that can be collected once a week, and different item level requirements to participate.

Lastly, Argos will be available through the Abyss Raid Statue in major cities.

For the full information revealed, visit here.

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