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Lost Ark Arktoberfest: Rewards, Quests & How To Access Twitch Drops

lost ark arktoberfest beet head cosmetic screenshot

Lost Ark players can jump into the game and enjoy the Arktoberfest event right now! There are some exciting new items available in-game as well as some cool co-op quests.

Here's everything you need to know about Arktoberfest including how to claim the new Beer-head cosmetic!

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Arktoberfest Start & End Date

Lost Ark's take on the popular Oktoberfest, appropriately called Arktoberfest, will run from Friday, 16 September all the way through to Monday, 3 October.

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How to Claim the Beer-Head Twitch Drop

Twitch streamers who are partnered with Lost Ark via the creator program can now enable the Beer-head Twitch Drop for viewers.

lost ark larger, IPA and stout beer heads
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You need to accumulate four hours of watch time to earn the reward. Make sure your account is linked to your Twitch channel in order to claim. You'll receive a rewards chest and be able to pick between the Larger, IPA or Stout cosmetic.

Food Bonuses & Co-Op Quests

To celebrate Arktoberfesk, the Fever-time button will be active to claim special food items. They can be claimed once per-day on weekend days only during the event. The items in question and their bonuses are:

  • Festival Sausage: Temporarily increases Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence +3000, Combat Resource Natural Recovery +24%, and Attack Speed +2%.
  • Festival Pretzel: Temporarily increases Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence +6000, and Crit Rate +1%.
  • Festival Gingerbread: Temporarily increases Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence +3000, HP +4500, and Move Speed +3%.
lost ark arktoberfest unique food items
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Finally, there is a new string of three co-op quests that can be completed and they run every hour in-game.

  • The Secret of the Sweet Beer: Collect honey from honeybees and beehives.
  • The Secret of the Clean Beer: Help the Umar and carry water barrels.
  • The Secret of the Savory Beer: Knead dough.

You must complete the quests in the required time or else you cannot proceed to the next quest. Completing these will unlock a new title and the items required to complete additional quests during Arktoberfest.

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