What to Take Away During LEC Off-Week: Fnatic, Astralis, and G2 Esports

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After three weeks of gaming, all LEC teams will get the chance to rest in a week off of gaming in League of Legends.

The teams all deserve this time off to rest, but they also need to keep their eyes open too. Now is the perfect time for the teams to analyse their plays and improve. Perhaps even some rotations may be swapped around too.

Small adjustments and changes may be all that is needed for some of the struggling teams to work their way up. But what changes are these? And how can they be implemented?

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Fnatic in LEC

Fnatic is one of the best esports teams out there. Their win streak after a loss to MAD Lions has shown that they know what they are doing when it comes to League of Legends.

LEC Fnatic 2022
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A power team, everyone is a strong player who is a brilliant asset to the team. However, they have implemented their style by having their mid and bot side become dominant and carry the rest of the teammates. Razork fulfils his usual role as a bridge for everyone else in the team too.


Astralis were expected to stay in the middle of the teams this year at the Summer Split of the LEC. However, a surprising win against Rogue gaming set them up to a good start with three games won in a row.

Astralis LEC 2022 team
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However, team fighting has always been a weakness of Astralis and they showed this in the next few games. By having good shot calls and a more aggressive attitude, Astralis will have the energy to do well in the following remainder of the LEC summer split.

G2 Esports in LEC


G2 are the team placing higher than others. A strong contender for the win, it felt like they were unstoppable. However, their recent games have shown their fans otherwise as weaknesses slowed them.

G2 LEC 2022
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Their early game is something which holds them back sometimes. Out of every team, they have the lowest percentages of getting first blood. Additionally, they can become quite robotic with a focus on farming at the beginning stages.

With each team chilling for now, let's hope they also get time to focus on what changes can be made.

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