Worlds 2017: Who was the MVP of Semifinals? (Poll)

With the LPL and LCK going to war for the final two slots of Worlds 2017, many stars faced off, and many shined. But who was the MVP?

 When you have teams like RNG, Samsung, Team WE and SKT facing off on Summoner’s Rift, especially with 2017 World Championship Final slots on the line, you’re bound to get fireworks.

We got exactly that in the LPL vs LCK wars that were Samsung vs Team WE and SKT vs RNG. 

But while many players shined, only one can be deemed MVP.

With that in mind…

  1. Who was the MVP of Worlds 2017's Semfinals?

    1. SKT mid laner Faker
    2. SSG support CoreJJ
    3. RNG AD carry Uzi
    4. Team WE top laner 957
    5. None of the above
    24 votes
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