Worlds 2017: Five Questions for Longzhu Gaming

0share Longzhu Gaming come out of the LCK a major threat, taking down the

by Brandon Ridgely

Longzhu Gaming come out of the LCK a major threat, taking down the league’s Summer Split as its champion. It also took down the god of the LCK in SK Telecom T1 in the process, beating them 3-1 in the Summer Split Playoffs.

Not too bad for one season.

In fact, these achievements likely leave Longzhu Gaming as the favorite for the 2017 World Championship. That is, if you believe enough in the crown they wear. But even as the top of the pyramid, the fans have questions approaching the biggest stage of them all.

Here are five questions fans have for Longzhu Gaming.

Was winning the LCK a fluke?

It’s hard to suggest winning the most prestigious League of Legends competition around is a fluke, but when the best lineups in the world face off, there are many variables to consider.

Longzhu may have finished 14-4, and that’s hard to argue against, but whether it stands up to other LCK teams like SKT and Samsung Galaxy on the World Championship stage largely remains to be seen for many fans.

And in a Playoff victory involving just one set of matches (even against SKT,) it’s hard to be so confident in the LCK kings of 2017.

So the fans want to know, was Longzhu Gaming’s LCK victory a fluke?

Where is BDD on the mid laner totem pole?

BDD showed his prowess in ripping apart Faker and SKT. Across the Summer Split and Playoffs, he reinforced it fronting the championship lineup. But despite some splits under his belt fighting it out on this level (and one relegation,) the prodigy is only 18 years old. On the biggest stage of them all, with the League’s best KDAwith one of the highest skill-ceiling rolls just behind Score, does BDD’s youth mean cracks in Longzhu’s armor?

The fans want to know, on the World Championship stage, where is BDD on the mid laner totem pole?

Is inexperience too much to overcome?

LCK teams are often stacked with previous World Championship players, and this year’s field is of course no different. But to a degree, Longzhu Gaming is an outlier.

Longzhu is featuring more Worlds firsts than many would expect, and while that’s a good sign for some budding careers, it could be an Achilles heel to their Worlds 2017 dreams.

An important milestone will be reached by many, but there’s no time to celebrate or stumble when it’s all on the line.

Can Longzhu Gaming live up to the legacy of LCK’s #1 seed?

The LCK is, to no surprise, quite well represented at Worlds 2017.

And to lead that pack is to have the golden ticket to the World Championship. Or at least so it would seem.

While Longzhu Gaming feature two of the players to last steal an LCK title from SKT (on ROX,) the only other team to do that in more than 6 Splits, it doesn’t quite have the same level of prestige entering this tournament. Regardless of knocking SKT down to a second place finish, it doesn’t feel like this team is much beyond them.

If Longzhu Gaming want to make an international stamp, the LCK title they hold needs to be backed up. That’s going to take a big finish, even against the best in the world.

Will Khan’s carry style prevail?

League of Legends as a whole has seen a major shift towards tanky champions in many roles, and the top lane is certainly one of them. But if someone is going to let Khan know that, they should hurry up and tell him. I have a feeling he doesn’t care.

Khan has been battling it out time and time again with the LCK’s best in the top lane, and often doing it as a carry style player. His pocket pick is even Jayce, the most direct example of a carry top laner there is.

With time to adapt, and perhaps an unfavorable meta as well, the fans want to know how Khan’s carry style will fare internationally.

What questions do you have for Longzhu Gaming as they approach the 2017 World Championship stage? Let us know in the comments below! 


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