Worlds 2017: Five Questions for TSM

TSM lead North America to battle in the 2017 World Championship after putting up yet another NA LCS Split banner this Summer. Here’s five questions for the team.

by Brandon Ridgely

It’s hard to not be ecstatic in the TSM camp.

After putting together a strong season once again this Summer, even showing their skill on the international stage, this squad has been great in 2017.

Tying for first place with Immortals across the regular season, TSM finally took their throne in the Summer Split Playoffs, taking down Immortals in a 3-1 series for the banner.

But they now line up with the best of the best once again.

Here’s five questions fans have for TSM as they head into the 2017 World Championship.

Who gets the gold?

TSM have an entire roster capable of carrying home a game with their play, and have shown it in their careers before. At various points in this team’s history, different roles have contributed the most in their success. That success is largely driven by how the team manages the gold in front of them.

One of the team’s greatest successes is how much performance they get out of Bjergsen while still giving him little of the team’s resources. It’s the crux of nearly every argument putting Bjergsen over Jensen in the Split. Often this Summer, it was Doublelift raking in those sweet, sweet side waves.

But on the biggest stage of them all, facing the greatest firepower yet, will TSM switch up where they decide to stack their chips?

Which Svenskeren is showing up?

Svenskeren has been quite a polarizing figure in the 2017 Summer Split.

Whether you were among those frustrated with his early performances, or along for the ride to see his greatest triumphs (like the Baron steal and ensuing kill and escape against Unicorns of Love at Rift Rivals below,) it was an interesting ride.


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