Worlds 2017: Five Questions for Immortals

1.2Kshares Immortals stormed the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split rattling off victory after victory.

by Brandon Ridgely

Immortals stormed the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split rattling off victory after victory. While it wasn’t the team’s undefeated run of seasons past, it finished the regular season at 14-4. This tied for first place with TSM, the team Immortals split matches with across the regular season 1-1, with TSM winning the last.

Then came the Summer Split Playoffs.

In the Playoffs, Immortals performed as expected, taking down CLG in a quick 3-0 Semifinal. But then they met their Summer Split match, TSM. In the Finals, TSM dispatched Immortals in 3-1 fashion.

As the second seed coming out of North America, Immortals finds itself in quite an interesting World Championship group, Group D. In Group D, Immortals faces LCK juggernaut Longzhu Gaming of Korea, GPL firework GIGABYTE Marines of Vietnam, and whoever wins Play-In Stage group D: which features Hong Kong Attitude of Hong Kong, 1907 fenerbahçe of Turkey, and Rampage of Japan.

Staring down the international prowess of some of the best teams in the world, here are five questions fans have for Immortals.

How can Immortals answer the LCK challenge?

Immortals have shown themselves to be a major threat in the North American region, but international competition might be a different story.

While TSM battled in multiple international tournaments before the Summer Split season closed out, Immortals was sitting at home and watching the show. That’s because Immortals didn’t qualify for the two major events, the MSI and Rift Rivals.

That means we’ve yet to see this squad stand up to the LCK challenge, and Longzhu Gaming is certainly going to bring it to them.

So the fans would like to know, how does Immortals match up to the LCK challenge?

Can Olleh and Cody Sun stand the heat?

Immortals don’t have many apparent weaknesses as a team, and it’s a reason they’ve finished the season 14-4. But on the World Championship stage, there’s a new problem in the equation.

Beyond just the fact that the Olleh and Cody Sun bottom lane duo have not played together in a World Championship, Cody Sun himself is a rookie on this stage.

The standout ad carry has put in stellar performances this year, but he’s never seen the World Championship first-hand, and that’s quite a step up in stakes.

For Immortals to succeed in this competitive Group D and make a mark on the 2017 World Championship, it’s going to have to make sure Cody Sun is rock solid with the pressure, and this duo translate their success to the big one.

Will SSONG’s coaching be the difference?

Immortals have many weapons in their lineup, and one award winning aspect few take account of is its head coach SSONG.

The former rank 2 player on the KR server and regular in top team lineups has brought his ability to coaching, and joining in May to assist Immortals to its first World Championship is quite a testament to what he has brought to the team.

But the international stage is known for coaching that is a cut above what Immortals face in North America.

So the fans want to know, will SSONG’s coaching stand up to the international stage? Will it be what Immortals need to survive Group D?

What did TSM figure out?

Immortals seemed bullet proof when it took down TSM early in the NA LCS Summer Split. On top of a strong start and great record, beating the top dog outlined it’s place on the map.

But then TSM came back.

The top North American teams met once more late in the Summer Split, and TSM conquered the challenge. In dispatching Immortals, TSM evened up the score. But the rubber match was soon to come.

In the Summer Split Finals, the two juggernauts met once more on Summoner’s Rift.

And TSM had Immortals number once again. While it’s hard to blame a team for losing to a team with more Split banners than the rest combined, something changed.

So the fans want to know, what did TSM adjust to take down Immortals?

Is Xmithie elite?

It’s hard to even suggest that a jungler earning a fair amount of NA Summer Split MVP voting support, and behind one of the most successful NA LCS teams this Summer Split could in any way be considered not elite. Especially one entering his fourth Worlds on his third team.

But while Xmithie has been one of the strongest workhorses for Immortals across the Split, he didn’t quite end the season with that same vigor.

Xmithie’s play is hardly ever properly represented on paper. That’s because as an unselfish, mostly supportive jungler Xmithie often shares his gold, or spends much more time helping his teammates and securing vision than getting himself ahead in the jungle. Even still, Xmithie’s playoff performance was a disappointment.

As one of the biggest veterans of the scene, and seemingly reaching his peak as a player, Xmithie has cleared many doubts.But for fans, it’s still a question.

Is Xmithie elite?

Did we miss anything? What questions do you have for Immortals as they head into the 2017 World Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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