Unicorns of Love vs Misfits: 2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 9

It’s the final week of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split. Will Unicorns of Love and Misfits both make it through to the playoffs?

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Image Credit: Wojtek Zając

Warning: spoilers below!

The race for playoffs is still on in the EU LCS. Only two teams – Fnatic and Splyce – had confirmed their spots in playoffs at the end of week eight. With it all to play for in week nine of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, both UOL and Misfits will be feeling the pressure to secure those all-important wins to make it into the top six on the EU LCS leader board.

It may be over for Unicorns of Love

Unicorns of Love lost their week eight day one match against G2 Esports, and with it UOL may have lost out on a dream spot in the playoffs.

Their loss came despite a strong early game, in which Unicorns secured first blood just after three minutes and denied G2 any advantage in lane or on objectives. At 25 minutes into the game, not only had UOL secured the first Baron, but they were also seven kills up to nil.

G2 however put up a fight and took Baron at 33:13. Capitalising on Wunder’s performance on Camille, G2 pushed UOL across all lanes, and secured the win at 49:00.

Because of their loss, UOL now stand in last place on the leader board with six wins to 11 losses. Although it’s technically still possible for UOL to make it through to playoffs, they will not only have to win their game against Misfits, but they will also have to hope that the other teams currently joint sixth – FC Schalke 04, Giants Gaming, H2k and Misfits – all lose their day two games. 

As such an outcome is highly unlikely, UOL may have to say goodbye to their playoffs ambitions for this Split. 

Misfits are in danger of losing out

Misfits have also landed themselves into trouble as they run a real risk of not making playoffs this Spring Split.

Despite drafting a pick-based composition against ROCCAT’s scaling draft, Misfits could not make any headway in the early or mid-game. 

It all went wrong eight minutes into the game when Maxlore and Sencux tried to steal away ROCCAT’s red buff. However, the play was spotted out and Sencux was taken down by Memento as punishment. Only a minute later, Sencux was killed again following a mid lane gank, and with that death Misfits lost their mid-lane priority and the momentum for the game. Misfits never recovered, leaving ROCCAT to sweep up the victory at 32:56.

After losing their match against ROCCAT, Misfits are now joint fifth on the EU LCS leader board, and must win in their game against UOL to have any shot of making fifth or sixth place at the end of week nine.

However, even if Misfits hang in there and take a win against UOL, their prospects for playoffs will also hang on how well Schalke, Giants and H2k play in their own games on Saturday 17th March. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding the team, expect nerves to be high when Misfits go head to head against UOL.

Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Unicorns of Love or Misfits? Let us know in the comments below!