Unicorns of Love vs Fnatic: 2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 8

Unicorns of Love are on a roll, but can they beat the current leaders of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, Fnatic?

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Unicorns to Love have quite the rags to riches story this Spring Split. From consistently sitting at the bottom of the EU LCS leader board, UOL have finally found their footing and are enjoying a five game winning streak. This puts UOL in joint sixth position, with six wins and eight losses going into week eight.

Although many would have predicted an easy victory for Fnatic a few weeks ago, the Unicorns could continue to defy expectations and pull a shock victory from under Fnatic’s feet this Saturday 10th March.

Unicorns of Love can still make playoffs

No-one could have predicted the turnaround in UOL’s performance at the start of this Spring Split. Despite pulling out some impressive plays during games, they were consistently defeated in the early weeks of the Spring Split, and there seemed to be little hope of UOL climbing up the rankings.

However, with just two weeks until playoffs, Unicorns have smashed all expectations, and have a real shot at the playoffs if they can find a few more wins. However, their path to playoffs is one of the most difficult as they are scheduled to play Vitality, Fnatic, G2 Esports and Misfits. 

It’s hard to predict how UOL will perform when they go up against arguably the top tier teams in the EU LCS, however if their performances from week seven are anything to go by, expect action and a lot of drama, with a lot of focus on whether Kold, Exileh and Samux can continue to make plays for their team.

Will Fnatic stay on top in Europe?

Fnatic are on great form at the moment, despite a mixed week seven where they won and lost a game. Although their lead is largely due to outstanding performances this Spring Split by the likes of Caps and Rekkles, the whole team has stepped up and made plays when it counts.

Week seven was a great example of this. Although Misfits ended up defeating Fnatic during their match of the week, both teams put in strong performances and showed why both teams are widely expected to reach playoffs.

The early to mid-game was full of team fights. Fnatic took first blood at 5:10 when Hylissang took out Hans Sama, and trades continued thereafter across the map. At 29:20 Misfits started Baron, which Maxlore secured, however Rekkles then punished Misfits by taking a triple kill with Sivir. Misfits were not deterred, and Mikyx pulled off an insane Baron steal at 44:32 from under Fnatic’s nose. Despite an impressive last stand, spearheaded by Rekkles, at 47:45 that stopped Misfits from closing the game, Misfits regrouped and ultimately took down Fnatic’s nexus.

Despite their loss, Fnatic regrouped for their second game of week seven against Vitality. Although Jiizuke did great work on Azir, and Vitality took a very early lead, Fnatic knew their win conditions. Broxah out performed Gilius on the day and helped his team to secure an infernal drake at 23:52. Broxah then took a key Baron steal at 24:40, leaving Gilius wondering what went wrong. Fnatic then pushed their buffs and clawed their way back to secure a win at 46:24.

Unicorns of Love will battle it out against Fnatic in the penultimate game of Saturday 10th March. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Unicorns of Love or Fnatic? Let us know in the comments below!