Tyler1 and Riot Lyte’s legacy

Tyler1’s return marks the end of his confrontation with Riot Games and their former Social Systems Designer, Lyte. In the end, was there a winner?

by Daniil Volkov

(Photo Credit: Chris Yunker)

If you didn’t hear the news yet, it’s true. One of the most entertaining League of Legends streamers—Tyler1—is back! However, his return does raise some questions. Namely, does this mean that Tyler1 has finally reformed? And if so, does it fall in line with Riot Lyte’s ideology?

Second Chances

When it comes to controversial Rioters, most people would put Lyte on the same level as Sanjuro. A part of it has to do with his history.

Lyte joined the company in the beginning of 2012 and assumed the ambiguous position of the Lead Designer of Social Systems. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent that his main task was improving player behavior. A gargantuan undertaking, although Lyte’s background in cognitive psychology certainly made him seem like the perfect fit for the job. 

These days, most people remember him for creating the infamous Dynamic Queue or for the drama surrounding his persona. But even during his worst times, Riot Lyte put a lot of effort into conceiving a system where toxic players aren’t just punished but are given the chance to reform. In fact, Wired went as far as calling his work ‘the largest virtual psychology lab in the world.’

This is where Tyler1 comes in. Considering his track record, it comes as no surprise he butted heads with the Lead Designer of Social Systems. But while Lyte quit Riot Games a month after Tyler1’s punishment, his legacy lived on. And the idea that everyone—even the worst offender—deserves a second chance stayed in the company. 

Now, almost two years after the incident, it’s clear which way the confrontation went. Over the course of Tyler’s latest stream, you could still see the drive and the energy that made him one of the best entertainers on Twitch. But the toxicity is noticeably absent. Hell, Tyler himself admitted that he looks back at his old behavior with regret

Granted, he is going to have a lot on his plate in the coming days. When you become the poster child of toxicity and then suddenly decide to reform, some of your old fans are bound to be disappointed. Griefers are just the tip of the iceberg, and the name Tyler1 will always have a negative stigma attached to it. But if the player behind it learns to look past that, he can become the role model for every toxic players that wants to reform.

And in the end, wouldn’t this be exactly what Riot Lyte wanted? 

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Daniil Volkov