Top Changes of Patch 7.24

League of Legends patch 7.24 comes out with sweeping changes! Which are the most important ones?

by Daniil Volkov

Ezreal Q nerf

The Prodigal Explorer had the damage on his Mystic Shot [W] decreased from 1.25 to 1.1 total AD. While this won’t push him out of the meta, it’s nice to see Riot nerfing one of the most dominant AD carries in the game. Still, Kleptomancy is so strong that we don’t see Ezreal’s win rate dropping more than 1-2%, and expect more work to be done.

Galio’s W deals damage

While Galio is a staple competitive pick, he’s certainly not as dominant in Solo Queue. Riot is addressing this by throwing in 20-60(+0.2 AP) to 60-180(+0.6 AP) damage to Shield of Durand [W]. The total damage will depend on W’s channel time, and Galio’s passive took a small hit (damage decreased from 0.7 AP to 0.5 AP) to make up for the buff. Meanwhile, Justice Punch [E] had its cooldown reduced by 2 seconds at all ranks. 

It’s always scary to buff Galio. The champion is far too team-reliant to work in Solo Queue unless he’s horribly overturned. However, he’s an absolute monster in competitive play. If these buffs stick, expect to see Galio back in the LCS with a vengeance. 

Malzahar ult nerf

Nether Grasp [R] was far too oppressive, and it’s about time it got toned down. Malzahar’s ultimate now deals 50 less damage at max rank and loses 0.3 AP scaling on top of that. A decent nerf, although the Void Prophet will be just as dangerous if someone can follow up on his ult. 

Morgana passive/mana changes

Morgana had her base mana regeneration increased from 8.5 to a whopping 11.5 per 5 seconds! Her mana regen growth got cut down by 50%, though, so the numbers should even out in the late game. The Fallen Angel’s passive was altered to heal her only when she deals damage to champions, large minions, and large monsters, but the healing amount was doubled. Also, every time Morgana’s passive triggers, Tormented Soil’s [W] cooldown is decreased by 5%. 

This isn’t great for solo lane Morgana since she won’t be able to life steal from anything other than enemy champions and cannon minions. However, support Morgana can now spam her spells more often, and the fact that monsters are included in the passive equation means that we may witness jungle Morg enter the meta. 

Sona Q nerf

Tired of getting punched in the face with music level 1? Sona’s Hymn of Valor [Q] now costs a whopping 60 mana at rank 1 (instead of 45). If that wasn’t enough, the damage on her aura was decreased by 50% at all ranks. Overall, this is a huge hit to Sona’s laning phase, and you can expect her to become far less popular in the bot lane. 

Zoe toned down

Let’s face it, a fed Zoe was far too oppressive. The endless barrage of Sleepy Trouble Bubbles [E] meant only tanks got to play the game, and everyone else was forced to cover behind them. Fortunately, the spell had its range and trap radius reduced. The sleep will last a bit longer, though, so you’ll have even more incentives to avoid it. Also, Zoe’s Spell Thief [W] only lasts 20 seconds instead of 40 seconds when she picks up spells from minions, so her windows of aggression will be much smaller.

In the end, these are steps in the right direction, but we don’t expect Zoe to become completely irrelevant. Overall, her kit is far too good to be taken down by such minor nerfs. 

Zyra mana/plant changes

Zyra received the Morgana mana regeneration treatment. However, her passive spawns seeds in a smaller area and the seeds themselves only last for 30 seconds (compared to 45 seconds pre-nerf). Zyra will be able to spam more spells, but she’ll have fewer seeds to work with.

The real kicker is the Rampant Growth [W] change. Sure, Zyra loses extra health on plants, but she gets a new passive effect that grants her seeds every time she takes down champions or last-hits monsters or minions. This means that Zyra players will have a much better time in the mid lane and—potentially—in the jungle. Also, Stranglethorns [R] now buffs plants’ health by 50%, so her all-ins are as strong as ever. 

Sunfire Cape is back

After the introduction of so many tank items, Sunfire Cape slowly fell out of favor. Well, things are about to change because the aura damage on it was buffed from 11 + 1/level all the way to 25 + 1/level. You’ll only deal 50% of that damage to minions, but the item will still be absolutely massive on tanks and bruisers. 

Rune changes

Some runes were not seeing enough play while others were far too oppressive, so it comes as no surprise that Riot decided to tweak them. The biggest changes involve Press the Attack, Fleet Footwork, and Phase Rush. 

In the first case, Press The Attack’s effect is only applied after the third auto attack connects, so the auto attack itself is unaffected. Expect Press the Attack users to lose a decent chunk of damage in all-ins. Fleet Footwork is getting a bit closer to the old Warlord’s Bloodlust status after having its base heal changed from 5-50 to 3-60. Not only that but the heal ratio now scales with 30% bonus AD and 40% bonus AP, so you’ll get large bursts of health in the late game. Oh, and did we mention that the healing is boosted by crits? Finally, the slow resistance from Phase Rush now affects ranged champions, which should help the likes of Vladimir and Aurelion Sol. 

Variety is one of the biggest selling points of the rune rework, so it’s nice to see Riot taking steps to ensure that all keystones remain viable.  

That’s it for our top changes of patch 7.24! As always, you can check the complete patch notes here, and we’ll see you on Summoner’s Rift. 

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Daniil Volkov