Top Changes of Patch 7.16 – LoL Meta Report

League of Legends Patch 7.16 is here to shape the meta for the LCS playoffs! Let’s examine the biggest changes.

by Daniil Volkov

Caitlyn’s Shaky Sharpshooting

The Caitlyn nerfs are coming! The AS reduction wasn’t enough to keep the Sheriff of Piltover from appearing in every LCS pick/ban phase (usually, on the ban side), so Riot’s changing Piltover Peacemaker [Q] to deal 50% damage (down from 67%) to anything other than its primary target.

But wait, there’s more! Yordle Snap Traps [W] now provide much less bonus damage at early ranks and have 0.1 AD scaling less in the late game. Will this force Cait out of the meta? Probably not. But the changes will definitely hurt.

Fiora’s Fluid Movement

Riot keeps tuning the Grand Duelist. Now, Fiora gets her passive movement speed back up to 45% at max rank (only 5% lower than before her nerfs two patches ago), and we can’t help but wonder what was the point of the changes at all. The champion remains in a weird spot where she’s fairly competent in the laning phase but gets out of control in the late game. And the movement speed buff only further emphasizes these strengths.

Kayn Can’t Transform

Kayn players had a moment of joy where they thought their champion is viable, but—apparently—the interaction that made him strong wasn’t intended. Deathfire Touch, Corrupting Potion, Red Buff, and Challenging Smite ticks will no longer get orbs for Kayn’s passive, meaning it will take that much longer for the champion to transform. Kayn the laner was already in a pretty weird spot, and this change will completely push him out of the pro play.

Viva La Vi

It’s about time Vi got some buffs! Excessive Force [E] now can’t be canceled, so you’ll always land the ability once you wind it up. Additionally, Vi’s ultimate had its cooldown reduced at lower ranks, making the good ol’ farm-till-six-and-gank-mid playstyle much more effective. Even so, we doubt that this will be enough to bring the Piltover Enforcer back in the age of tank junglers.

Cassiopeia’s Missing Fangs

Ever thought that a Cassiopeia running you down from 100 to 0 at level 1 was a bit overtuned? Then you can rejoice! League’s snake lady had her mana pool cut down from 375 to 334, so the all-in is pretty much gone. To make up for the change, Twin Fangs [E] will do 5 more damage at level 1, although they lose some base damage in favor of AP scaling at later ranks.

Galio’s Ult Tweaks

While Galio never made it in Solo Queue, he was demonstrably overbearing in competitive play. Well, it’s about to get a whole lot better for the anti-Galio crowd because the Colossus had his Hero’s Entrance [R] cooldown bumped up at lower ranks while losing a significant amount of teammate damage reduction in the process. Rest assured, Galio’s ultimate won’t be the win-a-skirmish button anymore.

Jensen Nerfs

It’s hard to find a more stable mid laner than Orianna. And even though she doesn’t dominate any matchups, she’s next to impossible counter. Riot is fixing this by hitting her main trading tools: Command: Dissonance [W] and Command: Protect [E]. The former loses 10 damage and procs closer to Orianna’s ball while the latter now had its shield reduced by 20 points. Of course, the queen of mid lane won’t go down that easily, but more champions will be able to exploit her early game.

Taliyah Pays for Wave Clear

As much as we love seeing Stoneweaver on the Rift, we can’t deny she’s a little too solid. The ability to push in minion waves and win trades with a single Threaded Volley [Q] makes Taliyah oppressive to most mid laner. Now that the mana cost on the ability was increased, Taliyah players will have to be much more selective about spamming their Q.

Ancient Coin Gets Robbed

Let’s face it, Ancient Coin was getting out of hand. Riot’s first way of addressing the problem is taking down the mana regeneration (from 15% to 10% per mana coin). Of course, this does little to fix the item’s gold gains, and we have no doubt that the Ancient Coin will remain the go-to tool for Ardent Censor supports.

You Can Ping Wards!

Yeap, you can finally ping that a brush is warded! Keep in mind that the tool isn’t on the ping wheel yet, and you can only assign its hotkey through the “Communication” section of the in-game menu. Still, this is a welcome change that is bound to save a lot of time for Solo Queue junglers.

That’s all for our top changes of patch 7.16! You can check the complete list of changes here, and we’ll see you on the Fields of Justice.


Daniil Volkov