Team WE vs Cloud9: 2017 Worlds Quarterfinals preview, prediction & live stream

Cloud9 are about to challenge Team WE! Can the last North American hope hold up in the 2017 Worlds Quarterfinals?

by Daniil Volkov

Team WE had a rocky start to their tournament, but they’ve since reached full potential. At their core, they’re a very strong late game lineup that’s built around a potent marksman. That being said, WE’s other players can also come out with carry performances, and their early game Caitlyn strategy has blindsided everyone in the competition. 

Cloud9 have qualified by the skin of their teeth. As always, this team works well around the jungle/mid duo but struggles to translate its success into side lanes. Still, if Cloud9 reach 5v5s, they can be a very deadly teamfighting team, and their macro isn’t too shabby either. 


Daniil Volkov