Team SoloMid vs Cloud 9: NA LCS Spring Split week 8

With playoffs potentially on the line, this historic rivalry comes to blows once more.

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It has been a bit of a different story for each of these teams so far this split. Cloud9 has continued their constant and dominant performances throughout the years. Team SoloMid has been struggling the whole split as only a .500 team. Both teams finished last week going 1-1 in their games. 

Even with their different journeys to this point, they both end up in the mix of playoff races. C9 looks to earn one of the top 2 spots at the end of the regular season split to earn a playoff bye. While TSM holds the final spot in the playoff race, and we’re now to the point that each game is vital closing out the split.

Let’s look at all the matchups between C9 and TSM for this clash.

Top Lane

Hauntzer vs Licorice 

Licorice has impressed throughout his rookie split having to replace veteran Impact, who went to Team Liquid in the top lane. He has also faced struggles in the pro scene. The same can go for Hauntzer this split. Both players are in the top 3 in deaths for top laners (Hauntzer 2nd with 37, Licorice 3rd with 36.) This is largely because of how involved both of these players are in the action.

Licorice even pulled out Lucian top against Huni weeks ago… even though it failed horribly. Licorice is tied with no other than Huni for first in kills this split (at 46), while Hauntzer is 3rd (at 39) among top laners. This Spring hasn’t been Hauntzer running as the MVP candidate he’s been in other splits, but if he can improve going into these final two weeks he might be the last push TSM needs to secure playoffs after an uncharacteristically subpar split. In a weird turn of events, this is the rookie’s matchup to lose against the very feared North American veteran.


MikeYeung vs Svenskeren 

Svenskeren faces his former team again looking for a clean 2-0 sweep of TSM so far in the split. Between these two teams a big question revolving is who had the better jungle pickup in the offseason, and on the results I would have to say it is C9 getting Svenskeren. TSM brought in a younger talent in MikeYeung who was rookie of the split last year with Phoenix 1, it looked like the perfect place for the prodigy to grow, but he has struggled.

 More than anything the rosters moves show what both teams are looking to do throughout the year. C9 choosing Sven showed they want to focus more on present games and have an instant impact with a veteran jungler in franchising’s debut split. Meanwhile TSM signing MikeYeung meant them focusing long term, be it for multiple splits or simply the TSM goal, Worlds.

Another similarity between these teams is, again, being on top of the deaths charts for their roles. MikeYeung is tied for 1st in deaths with 36 and Sven comes in at a close 3rd with 35.

It’s shaping up to be a very bloody matchup on the upper side of the map. 

Mid Lane

Bjergsen vs Jensen

This matchup of legends never disappoints. Two of the best mid laners right now if not the two best get to face off once again down the middle of the Rift.

For years both Bjerg and Jensen have been NA’s best players and have consistently performed well. This split continues the trend even with the regional addition of two new dominant mid laners in Febiven and PowerOfEvil both coming from EU LCS.  

But even though Bjerg has still performed well, it hasn’t been in as big and dominant fashion as previous years. Meanwhile Jensen still sits in the driver’s seat of one of the split’s most consistent top threats.

For this matchup it really comes down to who will make the first mistake and allow the other one to run with the game or allowing the other one to create a big play for their team to open the game. Both players can change a game for the good or even the bad at a moment’s notice…. *cough cough* Jensen’s Ekko misplay in the 2017 Spring Finals. 

Without a doubt, though, this matchup will be fireworks.

Bot Lane

Zven and Mithy vs Sneaky and Smoothie

Two of the longest running duo lane partners go face to face to show what consistency can bring to a bot lane on the Rift. Both duos have been together for years and have grown great synergy with each other. But with high synergy you would expect an all around great performance in lanes and dominating bot lanes. Except both ADC’s are at the bottom of the leaderboards for positional kills with Sneaky at 2nd to last with 33 and Zven dead last with 30. 

With so many other bot lane duos being their first times with each other this split, you’d think it would be open season for this crop of veterans. But it still might happen down the stretch, as each team’s bot lane made a hot return last week with Zven having the highest KDA at 16.0 and Smoothie reaching the 3rd most assists with 24.


Cloud9 got the first victory from TSM in week 5 but I think this week TSM will run the game since we are reaching the final games before playoffs and TSM have something to prove before they reach playoffs they can contend with top teams. TSM has struggled a lot at the beginning of the split with a 4-6 start. But look for the TSM bot lane to continue their streaky performance on the positive side of the coin this flip with a strong win on Sunday.

It just might be enough to keep their playoff and subsequent Worlds berth alive.

Let us know in the comment section below who you think will win this huge week 8 matchup!