Team Liquid signs Xmithie, Pobelter, Cody Sun, and AnDa

The first roster moves of the preseason are out! Team Liquid expands its lineup by signing ex-Immortals’ players.

by Daniil Volkov

The news that Liquid has acquired contracts of Xmithie, Pobelter, Cody Sun, and AnDa came out in an investigative ESPN article by Jacob Wolf. The move comes in view of IMT’s tragic exit out of the NA LCS. So far, it seems TL is planning to start Xmithie over its previous jungler Reignover, and Cody Sun is meant to replace Piglet in the AD carry position.

The fate of Pobelter and AnDa is uncertain, and Liquid may very well end up selling their contracts to another organization.

Let’s take a look. 

Return of Immortals?

When it comes down to results, Liquid doesn’t have a great track record.

Despite fielding a lineup with multiple star players, TL struggled to get anything going in the 2017 season, finishing 9th in both spring and summer splits. Both times the organization had to hit the panic button and perform emergency roster moves to stay in the league. Fortunately for them, the team was accepted into the franchising system. Plus, its new roster looks much better. 

At least, on paper. 

Bringing in Xmithie should resolve the shot calling issues that plague this organization, and Cody Sun should be able to fill Piglet’s shoes. But the word ‘should’ becomes very ambiguous when talking about Team Liquid. After all, their previous roster should have worked as well. 

This is why we can’t help worrying when observing these moves. Xmithie has a proven record of success, and he has been performing well on several different teams. But Cody Sun is a rookie that has only ever laned with his previous support Olleh, so we have a hard time seeing why Team Liquid would want to break up their synergy instead of signing both parts of IMT’s bottom lane. 

The decision to acquire AnDa is even more bizarre. Sure, he’s consistently reached high rankings in Solo Queue, but that only means he didn’t get a lot of playtime on IMT’s starting roster. Of course, Liquid will need a jungler for its academy team, but the organization already has three (!) substitute junglers in Dardoch, Inori, and Arcsecond. Are these players just going to up and leave or will they hang around, making for an unnecessarily bloated lineup? 

And then there’s Flame. The Korean top laner was the foundation of IMT’s strategies, and he would also be a clear-cut upgrade over TL’s Lourlo. Besides, if the rumors of Piglet’s departure ring true, Team Liquid will have an additional import slot to work with. 

Overall, these roster moves betray Liquid’s frantic attempts to get something—anything—working in 2018. And we have to question the way they’re going about it.

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Daniil Volkov