Super League Gaming comes to Twitch: Exclusive interview with Matt Edelman

In a RealSport exclusive interview, CCO Matt Edelman speaks on SLG’s move to Twitch, and future plans for 2018.

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It hasn’t been a huge amount of time since RealSport’s interview with SLG’s CEO Ann Hand about the fundamentals of her company, an organization dedicated to hosting amateur esport competitions, yet even more news has sprung up about SLG expanding into the world of twitch.

Chief Commercial Officer Matt Edelman gave us a rundown of this broadcast transition and the future plans and goals of Super League Gaming.

RealSport: Whenever  a company pursues expansion, they’re often met with pushback. Has Super League Gaming had to deal with some of these hurdles when creating this new channel, or has the process been pretty straightforward?

Matt Edelman: The vision for Super League has always been to provide a competitive amateur league system and build a fanbase through our compelling content so SuperLeagueTV is central to our value proposition and a natural, exciting next move for our business.

RS: Some people have made the argument that the LCS has become so refined in its meta it’s become too predictable and, consequently, lost a lot of entertainment value. Does SLG hope to fill that niche for viewers who want to watch a more fluid meta?

ME: We’re not among the people who think the LCS has lost any of its entertainment value, so our programming strategy is purely based on shining a light on the amateur competitive gamer community in every way that celebrates their accomplishments, their personal stories, the drama that takes place within the competitions they enter and their love of League of Legends and the multitude of other game titles we will soon be covering. As long as we can deliver quality programming within these areas, we believe our content will fulfill a unique gap in the amateur  esports landscape and delight our audience.

RS: Will the higher tiered teams in the competitions, which are presumably going to be receiving the majority of the coverage on Twitch, be broadcasted at competing times with the LCS?

ME: Our intention is to not compete at all with the LCS schedule. We know the Super League players and fans will be tuning into LCS, so we will be  programming SuperLeagueTV to be a complementary network in every possible way.

RS: What kind of coverage can we expect for some of the lower-tiered teams, if any?

ME: Super League as a company is dedicated to amateur competitive players at every skill level. SuperLeagueTV will be no different. While the higher tiered teams will be featured at the start, we intend to cover all tiers of play as SuperLeagueTV expands. More to come on this in the Fall for sure!

RS: Will there be any commentating over the stream? If so, are there any recognizable voices to keep an ear out for?

ME: We already have two terrific shoutcasters for the channel. We have Alexander “Opal” Archumbault handling play-by-play and color commentary from Alex “Mad_Magical” Whieldon.

RS: CEO Ann Hand previously stated that the company is hopeful for some of its better players to get signed into the LCS. Is it plausible to see SLG become a sort of pseudo-NA LCS scouting grounds through its twitch channel?

ME: Riot Games and the teams playing in LCS are scouting for the best  up-and-coming players throughout the year. Thankfully, through our strategic partnership with Riot and the strong relationships we have developed with team owners and executives, we understand what they look for when assessing emerging talent. Our premier events like City Champs and the associated coverage on SuperLeagueTV have a chance to help showcase players that may not otherwise be on their radar, or perhaps even add a dimension of analysis to top players’ capabilities that are hard to evaluate in other ways. Our desire to one day have a player emerge from Super League with a bid to the professional ranks is highly aspirational, but worth aiming for!  

RS: While the success of this move to Twitch remains to be seen, can we get a little insight on what SLG next moves will be in 2018?

ME: First step for us with SuperLeagueTV is to produce great broadcasts. It’s like exercising a new muscle – we need to work through what it takes to deliver the best possible programming for our community, and we expect it will take some time to get there. That said, we’re already in talks with additional distribution platforms and have strategies in mind to expand the amount of content we showcase across all of our offerings through SuperLeagueTV.

RS: When is a good time/date to search for SLG’s channel?

ME: As of Monday, April 9th, we will have several episodes on our Twitch channel – SuperLeague_TV – from the current League of Legends City Champs tournament. That night we also will be covering the Team A matches from the Semi-Finals LIVE, to be followed by LIVE coverage of the Team A matches in our Finals on April 11th.