Stoneborn Pact and Ardent Censer – The New Support?

0share In League of Legends history, support is perhaps the role that’s changed the

by Brandon Ridgely

In League of Legends history, support is perhaps the role that’s changed the most since day 1. Over the years, it’s gone from rushing items that generate gold per 5, to jamming items with fight-changing actives capable of making pivotal plays. All the while, we’ve seen various schools of support rise and fall from popularity including playmakers, initiators, disengagers, and shield dispensers.

But one thing we haven’t seen much of is a support that takes advantage of powerful support item Ardent Censer, all without having a single heal or shield in their kit. Here’s why.

While Ardent Censer is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to pick one of the many playmaking supports packing a shield or heal (Karma, Lulu etc.) other supports have their own benefits that compete. But…why don’t we have both?

Champions with no heals or shields in their kit often face the uphill battle of providing little utility to their team beyond various forms of damage and crowd control, but utilizing an under the radar mastery and picking up a good ole’ Censer shores this weakness right up.

That’s because the mastery, Stoneborn Pact, creates a bit of a loophole for Ardent Censer.

Stoneborn Pact

Grants 5% maximum health as bonus health.”
While this is an important positive, this portion of the mastery is irrelevant to this particular interaction.
Your crowd control effects brand enemy champions with an Earthen Rune for 4 seconds. Other allied champions who attack branded enemies heal for 5 (+ 2.5% of your maximum health) over 2 seconds (halved to 2.5 (+ 1.25% of your maximum health) if you are ranged).
Much better.

When a less utility support packing plenty of crowd control (champions like Leona, Trundle, Blitzcrank etc.) lands their spells, thanks to the wording of Stoneborn Pact, they’ll heal every member of their team that attacks the affected targets.

When they heal with an Ardent Censer in tow…

Ardent Censer

UNIQUE: Heals and shields on allied champions (excluding yourself) enhance their basic attacks for 6 seconds. Granting them +20% – 35% (based on level) attack speed and 20 – 35 (based on level) bonus on-hit magic damage healing them for the same amount.

Suddenly your Leona is healing the entire team for a significant portion of her max health, and, as well, is giving all of your attacking allies a big attack speed buff, big on-hit damage buff, and even further heals. All at the cost of continuing to exist as a controller/initiator role for the team, albeit a bit less tanky than they’d wish.

While mobile playmaking supports have been all the rage in recent patches, forming a large portion of the support meta, utilizing tricks like this can even the playing field even for those support champions less equipped to fulfill this role while being stronger in others.

In the words of the late great Hannah Montana, now you can get the best of both worlds.

What do you think of the Ardent Censer/Stoneborn Pact interaction? Do you think it’s worth pursuing? Let us know in the comments below!


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