LCS Spring Split Quarterfinals: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The regular season of the 2019 LCS Spring Split has finally come to a close. We evaluate the teams heading into the playoff quarterfinals.

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

The 2019 LCS Spring Split regular season is over, but that doesn’t mean the action is. We are just days away from four surviving teams fighting for their lives in the quarterfinals. 

Let’s see where they stand heading into the weekend.

Team SoloMid

TSM enter the playoffs as perhaps the favorite to win it all. After a dominant 11-1 tear since week 4 of the Spring Split, TSM proved they've patched up the holes in their gameplan. Through a newfound aggression in playmaking top laner Broken Blade and jungler Akaadian, they're looking bulletproof.

The good

- TSM have the most ironclad resume in the second half of the Spring Split at 11-1, dropping only a game to Cloud9 in week 6.

- TSM have solved a new playstyle that's more aggressive than ever, opening new avenues to victory.

- TSM are finally getting the strong performances out of top lane and jungle they've lacked in recent splits. The team usually performs incredibly well when these roles step up. 

- TSM's macro is looking as deadly as ever in a league that sorely lacks it.

The bad

- TSM took awhile to get to where they are, struggling to put together anything in the early weeks of the split. They've bled before.

- TSM haven't been able to beat Cloud9 in 2019, the team that knocked them out of the NA LCS Regional Finals with a decisive 3-0 to end 2018.

The ugly

- Expectations are high for this team entering playoffs with so much momentum, no doubt plenty of it will come from Reginald who expects Worlds from TSM no matter the costs. This new roster will have to stand up to the pressure.

Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians have made it to the post-season. After being founded during the LCS' move to franchising in 2017, Golden Guardians suffered repeat last place results. They now find themselves in the Spring Split Quarterfinals. 

The team rattled off 3 straight wins to close out the Spring Split regular season (including a victory over FlyQuest), however they then lost to FlyQuest in the Tiebreaker match on Monday.

The good

- Golden Guardians have gone 9-6 since week 3 of the Spring Split.

- Golden Guardians have a win over each of the other quarterfinal contenders.

- Golden Guardians have one of the most dangerous mid laners in the region in Froggen who has 5 Player of the Game performances this spring, tied for the most.

The bad

- Golden Guardians are winless against teams with quarterfinal byes in 2019.

- Golden Guardians were just beaten by FlyQuest in the Tiebreaker despite a significant gold lead.

- 4 of Golden Guardians last 5 wins were against 7-10th placed teams. 

The ugly

- This is the organization's first time ending a Split outside of 10th place. Their infrastructure will be tested in a best-of-5 setting.


FlyQuest spent most of the 2019 Spring Split looking like the definitive 4th best team in the region. But despite their successes, FlyQuest had several winless weeks in 2019 where the cracks in the team became clear. The team bounced back well enough from their bad weeks to close out the split in 4th.

FlyQuest now get a rubber match with Golden Guardians after losing to them in week 9, then beating them in the Tiebreaker. This time the stakes are higher.

The good

- FlyQuest are coming off of a comeback victory against Golden Guardians in the last regular season LCS game. 

- FlyQuest have had many 2-0 weeks this split. When they're in form, they're dangerous.

- FlyQuest are effective from all 5 positions on the Rift.

The bad

- FlyQuest have had just as many 0-2 weeks where things fell apart. This is especially bad entering a best-of-5. 

The ugly

- FlyQuest found themselves down 5k gold in both matches against Golden Guardians on sunday. While they came back from the deficit in the tiebreaker, they can't rely on winning from behind.

Echo Fox

Echo Fox enter the weekend riding a couple incredible victories including wins over Cloud9 and Team Liquid, but only after a disappointing 6-game loss streak dropping every match from week 5 to 7.

Despite their resurgence at the finish line to secure their post-season spot, this team looks the weakest against even competition coming into the quarterfinals.

The Good

- Echo Fox have done what other quarterfinal contenders couldn't, and that's beat 1st place Team Liquid and 2nd place Cloud9 in weeks 8 and 9.

- Echo Fox enter playoffs on a 4-game win streak.

The Bad

- Echo Fox lost their last match against each of the other quarterfinals contenders this split.

- Echo Fox lost 6 straight games between week 5 and 7.

- Echo Fox have not beaten their quarterfinals opponent TSM in 2019.

The Ugly

- Echo Fox had to claw their way through hell to grab their qualifying spot to playoffs, and while they pulled it off, they were down for a reason. If this team can stay consistent, they can pull off upsets, but consistency has been a problem before.

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