Splyce vs H2k: 2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 8

Splyce have had an amazing rise through the ranks – will they secure a win against an unpredictable H2k?

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(Image Credit: Chris Yunker)

We’re now at the pointy end of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split. With only two weeks to go before the all-important playoffs teams are trying harder than ever to secure a coveted spot. Splyce have had an amazing turnaround, with a three game winning streak, and will surely fancy themselves for a spot in the playoffs. 

H2k however have a much more difficult time ahead. Despite a revival in fortunes following the signings of Selfie and Shook, H2k still find themselves joint bottom of the leader board, along with FC Schalke 04. However, every win counts, and it’s not impossible for H2k to still make playoffs if they can defeat Splyce on Saturday 10th March.

Splyce have defied all expectations

Splyce have really found their form, and are serious contenders for a playoff spot, after winning both of their week seven games.

Splyce’s win against G2 during their first game of week seven defied all expectations, as G2 were widely expected to win. Splyce stormed out of the gates with a strong early game lead and never gave G2 a chance to come back. It was a near perfect game for Splyce, with only Xerxe losing his life once. Kobbe also had a great performance on Xayah and finished the game with a triple kill at 30 minutes to end the game with a KDA of 5/0/4.

Splyce’s second game of week seven against ROCCAT went just as well. The Baron turned out to be pivotal during the game, meaning that the spotlight was on junglers Xerxe and Memento. Memento came out ahead at 27:21 minutes after a great Baron steal by using the Tahm Kench ultimate to arrive behind the Baron pit on Camille. However, not to be outdone, Xerxe took two Baron steals on Zac, one at 35:30 and another at 43:16 minutes. Not long after Splyce took the win at 46:33 minutes.

Can H2k still reach the playoffs?

H2k had a difficult start to the Spring Split although their performance has improved drastically since Selfie and Shook signed to the team. However, despite performing well, H2k haven’t always taken home the win, which is why they now find themselves joint last on the leader board.

H2k lost their first game of the week against UOL, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It was an even early game, although Kold pushed UOL ahead at 12 minutes when a bot lane gank took out promisq and Sheriff. However, H2k’s luck looked to turn at 31:04 when a flank from Shook allowed H2k to ace UOL. However, a team fight in UOL’s favour at 45:30 gave UOL the final momentum they needed to close out the game for a win at 46:47.

H2k found a win during week seven in their second game of the week against Misfits. Although a late first blood went to Misfits at 16:21 when Hans Sama took out Smittyj in a bot lane team fight, they were able to come back thanks to Smittyj and Sheriff, who picked up three kills each during the 37:18 minute long game.

Technically, H2k could still make the playoffs, however they will need to beat Splyce if they have any chance of keeping that dream alive.

Splyce will face off against H2k on Saturday 10th March. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Splyce or H2k? Let us know in the comments below!