NA LCS Summer Split 2018 w7 d2: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

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by Brandon Ridgely

(Image Credit: Exilexi)

The NA LCS has had a strange 2018 Summer Split, accentuated by a FlyQuest vs Team Liquid match with the result of the entire split potentially in the balance. But here we are, in week 7, and this first game of day 3 is perhaps the best matchup of the entire weekend.

Top lane

Team Liquid’s top lane is held down by the iron-tight play of former world champion Impact, and he hasn’t budged in his last appearances. With Team Liquid’s summer on the line, the team as a whole has pulled things back together for some consistent wins to come out of the pack of tied teams. A big part of that recipe has been Impact reigning supreme in the top lane. But while his overall play has been as solid as ever, he’s not untouchable. Only three matches ago, we saw Impact torn apart by Cloud9’s Licorice to get that team a much needed victory. Team Liquid can’t afford these kinds of stumbles if they want to retain their NA LCS championship from the Spring Split.

If anybody has the resume to combat Impact’s own, it’s FlyQuest’s top laner Flame. Flame has a similar story coming from LCK experience; he’s been a much-needed backbone for his team. But this FlyQuest roster had a chance to take first place in the summer after being tied for it in week 6. Now with several losses later, it’s not looking too bright, even with Flame. For Flame, his last few games he’s largely broken even despite disappointing showings from his team. He was beaten up by Huni, but we can let that one go all things considered.

Verdict: Despite Flame’s consistency, we think Impact is simply too strong to be stopped right now. Team Liquid should find advantage in the top lane.


What more can we say about Xmithie? The long-time NA LCS veteran has come back with a vengeance in 2018 to put on all-star winning performances out of the jungle, largely in the form of tanky champions supporting his laners. While he’s had some ups and downs along with his teammates this summer, it seems the Liquid camp have worked out the kinks in this patch to rack up many comfortable victories. Xmithie is a huge piece to the engine of this team, feeding his lanes and protecting them from enemy junglers. You can always rely on his play, even if it doesn’t always show up as much as others on the scoreboard. He faces somewhat of a mirror in today’s match.

Santorin has lived an interesting path in League of Legends. That path has now led him to FlyQuest, where he continues to deploy his tank-heavy support style jungling, one of the few we could say compares to Xmithie’s own. Coming off some decent performances aside from a poor Kindred showing, Santorin might be one of the more solid junglers in the NA LCS. All that said, he’s unfortunately tasked with facing the upgraded version of himself.

Verdict: Xmithie outclasses his European mirror image in the jungle.

Mid lane

Pobelter remains perhaps the strongest NA native mid-laner in the NA LCS. While fans are sometimes uncomfortable relying on Pobelter in a field of tough mid laners, (especially in international competition,) he is an absolute danger in top form and always contributes something to his team. His Summer Split stats are some of the best on Team Liquid, and Pob has found success on a fair amount of champions. He’s kept Team Liquid together and moving toward victories late down the line this summer. Recently Pobelter has played quite solid, only having a so-so game against Golden Guardians three matches ago on Malzahar, finishing at 1/5/9. Apart from that, he’s kept some incredible farm totals and been quite dependable for the Liquid camp.

FlyQuest bringing Keane to the midlane was a firework for the NA LCS. When he’s at his best, Keane is a terrifying presence in mid that can overwhelm top tier competition. For FlyQuest he’s often the engine still running whether the team loses or wins. He can carry home games and he can hang despite gold deficits. Recently Keane has been in great form, only falling short in FlyQuest’s loss to Echo Fox.

Verdict: Pobelter edges out the mid lane.

Bot lane

Team Liquid’s bottom lane pairing of MVP adc Doublelift and play-making support Olleh have proved a championship winning duo in their time together. About what you’d expect bringing together all-stars for your bottom lane duo. Doublelift, with perhaps the most impressive League of Legends resume in the region, has continued to only get better as he plays. And while Olleh had some issues in 2018, he’s also largely back to what we saw from him in his Dig days. Olleh remains the weaker part of this power couple, but Doublelift can more than make up for the weakness against nearly every bottom lane around, and has his eyes set on the international stage for Worlds.

FlyQuest’s biggest weapon this summer has come courtesy of the always-grinning WildTurtle, who has found himself a fantastic new support in JayJ. WildTurtle has had an interesting path in the NA LCS, but could now be considered the figurehead of this newly competitive FlyQuest organization, a team that has built around him for future success. He’s backed up his organization’s trust by putting on a clinic this summer, and the esports gods have blessed him with a fantastic new support to help the process along that has also made a splash this split. Though the story for this duo is quite similar in that WildTurtle surpasses his laning partner, they still match up quite well in the bottom lane against most in their region.

Verdict: Despite Doublelift being the better individual adc,  we think FlyQuest will take this one down in the bottom lane. Edge on the day to WildTurtle and JayJ.

Who wins?

Team Liquid is coming off a hot streak, and that’s not the words FlyQuest wants to hear with the first place spot this Summer Split just slipping from their grasp last week. While I believe FlyQuest will rally together a bottom lane victory this match, I think Team Liquid will be just too strong elsewhere to crumble.

This one’s going to the Liquid boys, who will continue their campaign for back-to-back NA LCS banners.

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