Patch 7.17: Biggest botlane changes

In patch 7.17 we will be analyzing the bottom changes and which champions may take stage in both solo queue and competitive.

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Its been a few days since patch 7.17 was released, and we are starting to see some ripples in the meta. These changes have been seen across solo queue as well as the competitive scene and have primarily focused around the bottom lane in both support and ADC roles.

Let’s take a look at what’s most important for both sides of the game.

Solo Queue

The buffed:


Q – Mystic Shot

RATIO: 1.1 total attack damage ⇒ 1.25 total attack damage

Ezreal has been in a rough spot for quite awhile now. In a meta where critical damage ADC’s and attack speed ADC’s are prominent, Ezreal falls behind due to his unique build path.

Changes in patch 7.9 made crit items cheaper. This allowed for much earlier item spikes on crit ADC’s while being more affordable than before. Unfortunately for Ezreal, his core three item build consists of Trinity Force, Manamune, and Blade of the Ruined King. This core set of items is equal to 9533 gold. In comparison, when a crit ADC buys their three item spike consisting of Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv, and Rapid Fire Cannon, it only totals 8600 gold.

Lets dissect this buff, Ezreal at level 18 and this core build will have 233 total attack damage (this is factoring the 2% you would get from Muramana related to his 2325 total mana). Mystic Shot has a base damage of 115. Originally with the 1.1 ratio, Ezreal would have 371 base damage on his Mystic Shot before Trinity Force and Muramana. With the 1.25 ratio buff he would instead hit for 406.25 damage. The damage difference is honestly pretty negligible, by the time you reach your three item spike, the enemy would have built some form of armor.

Although this is a small change, any quality of life changes for Ezreal are sorely needed in the current meta if he is to become relevant again; especially with his meager 47% win rate in solo queue.

The nerfed:


Passive – League of Draven



Draven is the epitome of a solo queue champion, entirely based around getting kills. Incentive by killing more enemies to gain more gold  allowed for massive snowball potential with the proper positioning and mechanics. This was especially true due to the nature of solo queue where there is barely any concrete communication. Coordinating ganks to shut down Draven before he has a chance to rack up adoration stacks and cash in is difficult, and usually doing that once is not nearly enough to stop his snowball. With the changes to adoration stacks, Draven players will have to play more cautious in order to preserve stacks. Not only that, but they must also avoid risky early fights and focus on killing minions to stack faster.

The amount of gold you lose from this nerf is quite significant. If you took the calculation for adoration stacks from before this patch, and for example used 100 stacks as your base, the amount of money would be equal to:

50 Base Gold (2 x Adoration Stacks)

50 + (2 x 100) = 250 gold

Now if you have 100 stacks you only earn 225 gold, which is not much. The problem arises when you calculate the potential gold lost from changing the amount lost on death to 75% of stacks.

Losing 50% of the 100 stacks in the old calculation would yield:

50 + (2 x 50) = 150 gold

whereas now losing 75% of the 100 stacks as well as a 25 base gold loss results in:

25 + (2 x 25) = 75 gold

Dying on Draven is now incredibly unforgiving. Playing too aggressive and giving up some early deaths can result in earning barely anything from the passive. To properly snowball as Draven, playing extremely cautiously and with great awareness will allow for success. Unfortunately in Solo Queue there is only so much you can do as an individual.

Competitive (LCS)

The buffed:


Passive – Sunlight

MARK DURATION: 3.5 seconds ⇒ 1.5 seconds

DAMAGE: 20-105 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 25-144 (at levels 1-18)

Q – Shield of Daybreak

COOLDOWN: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds

With the era of play making supports in the LCS, it was a shame that there is such a small pool being chosen. Champions in high priority are Alistar, Thresh, Rakan, and Blitzcrank. Understandably Leona was not in the few chosen to play due to her early laning phase. Aside from the sustain from Relic Shield in the early portions of the game, Leona heavily hinged on getting the level 2 all in. If the all in failed, she had no way of escaping the fight causing her to endure a lot of trade damage. This paired with her natural weakness against champions like Thresh (able to attack from ranged) and Alistar (enough cc to stop her engage) is most likely why she is not being picked in the current competitive scene.

There are two big changes for her this patch. First off her passive “Sunlight” last much less on an enemy, but has a damage boost that is more prominent as she levels. This 2 second change might seem like a nerf, but only on uncoordinated teams. Typically on most LCS teams, the ADC and support communicate who they want to focus, this communication and top of the follow up stuns in Leona’s kit will make this duration change negligible. The damage buff however is a nice quality of life change to increase her odds of entering the meta, the passive damage may compliment high tier meta ADC pick Kalista and her Soul Marked passive leading to unexpected burst damage.

The second change is the cooldown on her Q – Shield of Daybreak. Shaving off 3 full seconds on a skill that has a 1 second stun duration is an amazing buff. This means she has more up time during the early portions of the game and at 40% CDR late game, it will be on a 3.6 second cooldown. Not only is the skill a stun but it is also an auto attack reset, meaning that her DPS increases over the course of a long teamfight. Leona’s E – Zenith Blade
has a 13 second CDR at level 1. If you compare Leona to a meta support pick such as Alistar and his two engage skills:

Leona Alistar
Q – Shield of Daybreak – 6 sec CD
E – Zenith Blade – 13 sec CD
Q – Pulverize – 17 sec CD
W – Headbutt – 14 sec CD

From the table above, Alistar and Leona have relatively the same CD on their initiation skills at 13 and 14 respectively with no CDR. However Leona at level 2 can almost do three Shield of Daybreak’s compared to just one Pulverize.

Packing a stronger early game on this patch could make Leona a potential pick in the competitive scene in the following week.

There are my predictions on how patch 7.17 will change the game. Let me know who you think will shift into the meta and why in the comments down below!