Making the case for Rikara

100 Thieves’ marksman Rikara is getting a lot of flack for his Worlds 2018 showings, but there’s a reason why 100T are fielding him.

by Daniil Volkov

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

The 2018 World Championship has been an uphill battle for 100 Thieves. Not only did they suffer two devastating losses at the hand of Fnatic and Invictus Gaming, but even their win over G-Rex did little to restore the community’s faith in their lineup. One of the main reasons behind this lies in the bot lane. 

100T’s decision to field Rikara as their main AD carry has been met with mild disappointment at best and vehement calls to bring back the previous starter, Cody Sun, at worst.

Things got so bad that many fans even insinuated that the AD carry swap only happened because of Cody Sun’s personal conflicts with his coach Pr0lly and support Aphromoo. However, the move is not as cut and dry as everyone seems to think, and there are tangible in-game benefits to fielding Rikara at Worlds.  


Daniil Volkov