Longzhu Gaming vs SKT T1: 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs preview, prediction & live stream

On August 26th, SKT are going to challenge Longzhu to a final Bo5 of the split! Can they reclaim their LCK throne?

by Daniil Volkov

After a few roster moves in the off-season, Longzhu Gaming had a sudden resurgence. Khan, Cuzz, and Bdd added a lot of wild energy to this lineups, but it’s really the veteran presence from PraY and GorillA that’s holding everything together. Longzhu used this combination of brain and brawn to rise to the top of the LCK ladder. Can they do the same in the finals?

It’s been a long road for SKT T1. The LCK powerhouse had to go through three consecutive Bo5s to reach the finals, but each of these matches has only made it stronger. Now, with a stable 5-man core and a reliable substitute capable of showing up in clutch scenarios, SKT will look to prove their worth one last time in the finals.


Daniil Volkov

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