LCS Roster Moves: Demonte, Lost and Smoothie to Echo Fox

After nearly two splits of inconsistent performances at the top of the league, Echo Fox’s weak links were found out. The solution: Smoothie, Lost, and Demonte?

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Since the last spring split, it’s been pretty obvious that Echo Fox’s strengths lie in their Jungler Dardoch’s synergy with Top Laner Huni. But the rest of the team were adding more weight than they were pulling. 

With that, Echo Fox announced their dismissal of Support Adrian, ADC Altec, and Mid Laner Fenix on 7/24/18.

It’s a majority team overhaul which means the new lineup can make or break their run this split, so Let’s look at each player and what they have to offer to their team with the new lineup.

Top Lane: Huni

Nothing new here, a top tiered player with unmatched mechanical skill and what is probably an overly aggressive play style.

But actually, there might be a change of pace to his game with the new additions to the bot lane. When Adrian and Altec were around, everyone and their mother knew that the way to beat Echo Fox was to focus down the top lane. Adrian and Altec were almost always outplayed on a 2v2 basis, meaning Dardoch and Huni were the only ones needing to be shut down. 

This worked to the favor of anyone playing against Echo Fox, which always meant that Huni’s aggressive play style would go punished 100% of the time. Should this new bot lane prove useful, there will be added pressure across the map for Echo Fox, which means Huni can breathe. 

Exciting times for FOX fans. 

Jungle: Dardoch

Probably the most consistent player on the team, Dardoch proves time and time again to be a player that has grown not just as a teammate, but as a player with plenty of talent that shouldn’t go unnoticed. 

Dardoch boasted a second best KDA out of all junglers last season just behind Meteos, with a staggering 39 total kills over Meteos’s 24 kills, and with numbers like that it’s hard to argue that he isn’t one of the best junglers in the entire league. 

We already know what he can do when given the freedom to work with Huni and Demonte, but the big question comes back to the new bot lane. Smoothie is a proven support, and fans will be without doubt when it comes to his performances, but the big question mark hangs over Lost’s head. 

Should the Academy player prove to be a success story, then you can bet that Dardoch will take advantage of his skills and provide pressure on the bot side of the map, meaning more options for the team, more strategies the enemy has to play against, and more chances for the Foxes to win. 

Mid Lane: Demonte

The proof that academy players can take their starter’s position is in this man. 

He isn’t the mechanical genius that Bjergsen or Pobelter can claim to be, but he isn’t afraid to get stuck in when he needs to and has shown to have good chemistry with Dardoch

He’s not a huge worry for enemy teams, but they still have to keep an eye on him, and that’s more than you can say for the three players who have been given the boot. 

The future remains open for the mid laner, but for now he’s the Fox’s best bet until either he becomes one of the best in the league or the team acquires new talent. 

ADC: Lost

An odd mix of newbie and veteran. 

Lost might be young and completely new to the NA LCS scene aside from Echo Fox Academy play, but he isn’t the baby he looks like either. 

Lost has experience in the OPL, OCS, and has competed in a Rift Rivals competition, coming in third with the team Legacy EsportsOne might argue that this isn’t the kind of play that makes a great player, but you can’t say it’s not good play to develop future stars, either.

Whether this experience will translate to the North American scene remains to be answered, but it’s clear that he has a lot of weight on his shoulders. 

It’s bad being the bot lane duo that gets kicked out of their team, but it’s worse being the replacement who’s worse than the people he’s replaced. 

Support: Smoothie

He needs no introduction. And now that C9 have pushed him over his limit with substitutions, Echo Fox have capitalized. 

Not only is Smoothie one of the best supports in the league from a macro and micro perspective, he also has experience working with Sneaky, one of the best ADC’s in North America. 

This experience will prove invaluable for Lost as he tries to cement his way into the team for an extended career. There’s no doubt that Lost will look to his new bot lane partner for guidance as the split progresses, and you can expect their chemistry to improve as it ages. 

Smoothie is a great player, but more importantly he’s a level-headed ball of leadership that Echo Fox desperately needed for their bottom side of the map. Whoever made the decision to pick him up will be wondering how in the world they got so lucky for many splits to come. 

The team looks exciting if a bit of a gamble. We look forward to seeing how they perform on the rift, but until then,