LCK Power Rankings – Week 9 – 2017 Summer Split

We’re about to enter the last week of the competition! Which team will rise to the top of the LCK ladder?

by Daniil Volkov

10. Ever8 Winners (2W-14L; -2 Spots)

It’s hard not to feel bad for Ever8 Winners. It’s not long ago that they’ve battled their way into the LCK, and now they’ve once again been knocked to the relegation tournament. That’s not to say that this result isn’t warranted. Barring a few standout performances from Cepted, no one on this team is capable of carrying. But that’s only half of the problem. The truth is Ever8 Winners barely know their way around the map, which makes it hard for them to make something happen in the later stages of the game.

9. ROX Tigers (5W-11L; No Change)

We’re going to go ahead and say that this ROX Tigers roster is going to go through some changes in the off-season because it’s clear it isn’t working. Lava’s presence in the mid lane is negligible, the top lane duo of Shy and Lindarang can’t hold its own, and Seonghwan is in the running for being the worst jungler in the league. So it’s not exactly surprising that whenever Sangyoon and KeY fail to show up in the bot lane, this lineup quickly runs out of steam.

8. bbq OLIVERS (3W-13L; +2 Spots)

Even though bbq OLIVERS always seem to find themselves on the losing end of every matchup, it’s rare to see them go down without a fight. Their early game is actually strong enough to upset some middle-of-the-pack lineups and their teamfighting is not too shabby either. Now if only they could get their macro together, and bbq OLIVERS could very well turn into a decent team.

7. Jin Air GreenWings (7W-9L; -1 Spot)

You can never know what to expect from Jin Air GreenWings. One week they might take down SKT T1, but that ends up being a wild ruse before they eventually go down to the likes of MVP. It’s clear that Kuzan and Teddy hold incredible carry potential, which makes it that much more regretful that the rest of their teammates are not up to par. Maybe Jin Air’s plane will soar the skies once again. But considering that the team has already been knocked out of playoffs, it won’t be until 2018.

6. Team MVP (5W-11L; +1 Spot)

We’ve praised MVP’s synergy before, and we can’t help but do it again. In particular, the duo of MaHa and Max is the pinnacle of teamwork. Neither of them is strong enough to challenge top-tier players on his own, yet together they’re able to come up with wins against the best bot lanes in the LCK. The main issue here is that other MVP members don’t have duo partners to work with. And on their own, they’re just above average players that cave under pressure from their superior counterparts.

5. AfreecaFreecs (9W-7L; -1 Spot)

If you ever wanted to see Jin Air on steroid, Afreeca is your team. MaRin, Kuro, and Kramer form a solid 3-man core that can find key advantages and outplay opportunities. Unfortunately, they’re weighed down by the lackluster jungle presence. Both Spirit and Mowgli fail to have the necessary impact in the early game, and Afreeca Freecs are forced to approach every skirmish and objective with way more caution that they ought to.

4. SKT T1 (11W-5L; +2 Spots)

While it might seem that SKT T1 has bounced back from its massive losing streak, we’d argue it’s a bit early to judge. After all, SKT’s most recent wins happened against the likes of Ever8 Winners and ROX Tigers. Of course, we’re happy with their improvements, but the fact that Wolf is still reluctant to pick up meta supports and Huni doesn’t seem to find his place on the team leaves us plenty of room to worry.

3.  Samsung Galaxy (12W-4L; No Change)

Man, what does Samsung have to do to finally break into the top-2? Every time they come close to accomplishing the feat, they get completely shut down by a stronger lineup. And sure, you could argue that they form one of the most consistent LCK lineups to date. But consistency doesn’t equal results, and Samsung are suffering frop a desperate lack of star power.

2. kt Rolster (13W-3L; -1 Spot)

kt Rolster is Samsung’s polar opposites. This lineup is filled with legendary players that could have an entire separate team built around them. But with great strength comes great responsibility, and KT’s superstars often underestimate their opponents while trying to push their leads. Not taking the necessary precautions when preparing a Baron or approaching a key teamfight might be all fine and dandy when facing the likes of Ever8 or bbq OLIVERS. But against other top-tier lineups KT’s recklessness tends to backfire.

1. Longzhu Gaming (13W-3L; +1 Spot)

Longzhu Gaming is the complete package. This team has a monstrous early game where it can secure wins through the superior laning phase and clutch outplays alone. But even that strength is overshadowed by their smooth transition into the mid game where Longzhu start taking one key objective after another. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile—and that’s exactly the team that you should be afraid of the most.


Daniil Volkov