kt Rolster vs Samsung Galaxy: 2017 Summer LCK Gauntlet preview, prediction & live stream

kt Rolster are about to face Samsung Galaxy in the final round of the Gauntlet! Who will move on to represent LCK at Worlds?

by Daniil Volkov

kt Rolster are coming into this series hungry to prove their worth. Last year, they found themselves in a spot where Samsung snatched victory from right under their nose. But now, with a brand new roster and an incredibly potent early, KT have all the tools they need to prevent history from repeating itself.

Despite Samsung’s win against Afreeca, the series came down to the wire. On multiple occasions, they found themselves playing with huge early game deficits and had to wait for Afreeca’s mistakes to orchestrate a comeback. That being said, if Samsung manage to keep up in gold they’re a very deadly late game lineup.


Daniil Volkov