How 100 Thieves lost fan support

At one point, 100 Thieves looked like one of the most promising teams in the NA LCS. Now, fans are actively cheering against them qualifying for Worlds. What happened?

by Daniil Volkov

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

100 Thieves entered the NA LCS with a bang. Not only were they the only new organization to build a competitive roster but they played their first competitive split so well that they made it all the way to the finals. On top of that, they knew how to sell their brand. And their content game was so strong that they managed to snatch fans from some of the biggest endemic orgs. 

Fast forward 6 months and the 100T hype train came to a full stop. In fact, the animosity towards them became so strong that many Team Liquid fans claimed it would be fine for their team to lose the finals if that meant 100T wouldn’t qualify for Worlds. 

So, where did it all go so wrong? 


Daniil Volkov