H2K vs Unicorns of Love: 2017 Summer EU LCS Regional Qualifiers preview, prediction & live stream

H2K advance to the next round of the Gauntlet on September 9th—and their opponents are the wild Unicorns of Love!

Somehow, some way, H2K decided to start showing up. Nuclear is still looking shaky in the bottom lane, but Chei makes up for it with some stellar playmaking. And with Odoamne stepping up in the top lane, H2K’s jungle and solo lanes are looking stronger than ever.

We’re not quite sure if Unicorns of Love have what it takes to fix their problems. Their side lanes are formidable and their jungler poses a massive threat to other teams, but none of the Unicorns can compensate the lackluster mid lane presence from Exileh.

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Match preview

Top Lane matchup

In the past, Vizicsacsi was considered top-tier. Times have changed, though, and now UOL’s top laner is sitting at a measly 2.5 KDA and 8.1 CS per minute—a reflection of his brash, reckless playstyle.

Odoamne also went through a slump, but he’s since recovered. Sporting a 4.4 KDA and 7.8 CS per minute, he showed up in the series against Splyce as one of the main carries of H2K. If he can keep this up, we have no doubt that he’ll have the upper hand in this matchup.

Verdict: H2K Odoamne establishes his reign in the top lane.

Jungle matchup

Jankos has always been a key player on his team. Holding a 5.1 KDA and 4.3 CS per minute, he’s the singular force responsible for H2K’s potent early game, and he never fails to pull off a clutch gank or two.

Xerxe occupies a similar niche on Unicorns of Love. Even when the rest of his team is underperforming, he routinely comes out with strong showings. With a 5.5 KDA and 4.9 CS per minute, Xerxe has what it takes to challenge Jankos, but his tendency to go for off-meta picks might actually do him more harm than good here.

Verdict: H2K Jankos edges out a win in the jungle.

Mid Lane matchup

This isn’t even close. Sporting a 6.0 KDA and 9.1 CS per minute, H2K Febiven is a mid lane monster with immaculate mechanics and a veteran game sense.

UOL Exileh pales in comparison. Not only do his 2.3 KDA and 7.8 CS per minute look unimpressive, but he’s been giving up so many kills in the mid lane that he had to resort to wonky picks like LeBlanc, Vladimir, and Talon to cover for his weakness.

Verdict: H2K Febiven break through the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

UOL’s bottom lane is one of the more stable points of their team. With a 5.5 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, Samux is a solid AD carry that breezes through skirmishes and 5v5s. And even though Hylissang is less impressive with his 2.9 KDA and haphazard performances, he’s capable of doing his job most of the time.

The roles are reversed on H2K’s side. Holding a 5.4 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, Nuclear is a good-but-not-great marksman that’s backed up by a powerful playmaking support—Chei (5.7 KDA). It’s close, but we’d have to give the edge to H2K for having a more well-rounded duo.

Verdict: H2K’s Nuclear and Chei run away with the bot lane victory.


This might be the end of the line for Unicorns of Love. H2K are fielding one of the strongest jungle/mid duos in the league, and even though UOL have the ‘jungle’ part down, they’re going to struggle in the mid lane. It doesn’t help that H2K looked on top of their game in the series against Splyce, and Unicorns are going to have a hard time stalling for their teamfighting to kick in. Our prediction: a 3-0 victory for H2K.

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