H2k vs ROCCAT: 2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 9

The race is now on for fifth and sixth place in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split – can H2k and ROCCAT make it?

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Warning: spoilers below!

It’s been a crazy Spring Split in the EU LCS, with every game during week nine being pivotal for most teams when it comes to making playoffs.

After the end of week nine day one’s games we know that Fnatic, Vitality, Splyce and G2 Esports have booked their places in the playoffs. However, the race is still on for fifth and sixth place, and every game will matter on Saturday 17th March.


H2k may yet grab a playoffs spot

Coming into week nine of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, H2k were joint last with Unicorns of Love. However, after pulling a win out of the bag against FC Schalke 04, H2k now stand in joint sixth position alongside Giants, Schalke and Misfits at the end of the week nine day one matches.

H2k’s win against Schalke was unexpected, but just what the team needed to keep their playoff dreams alive. It was a must-win game for H2k if they wanted the chance to make playoffs, and they delivered. Sheriff and promisq had a great game on Xayah and Rakan, earning a KDA of 3/0/3 and 1/1/6, respectively. Shook was also ever present in the jungle, showing once again that his entry into the team so late in the Spring Split was a smart choice.

If H2k can produce a win against ROCCAT on Saturday, then they should grab a spot in the playoffs, so expect tensions to be high when H2k face ROCCAT.

A win for ROCCAT guarantees a playoffs place

After securing a win against Misfits during their first game of week nine, ROCCAT have the advantage of knowing if they can win their game against H2k on Saturday they will confirm a place in the playoffs, as none of the teams below them will match their win record.

If ROCCAT make it to the playoffs, it will be the first time the team has done so since 2015, so there will be plenty of fans out there cheering ROCCAT to victory on Saturday. Given how well Blanc, Profit and Norskeren are performing, another win is likely for ROCCAT. However, H2k will not go down without a fight, so expect things to be tense when both teams meet on the Rift.

Should ROCCAT lose their chances of playoffs will also come down to how well the teams below them have performed during the day, and it will not be a position that ROCCAT would like to be in tomorrow.

H2k will face ROCCAT in the second game of week nine day two. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET with the match between H2k and ROCCAT expected to start around 6pm CET. You can catch all of week nine day two’s action as it unfolds on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, H2k or ROCCAT? Let us know in the comments below!