H2K plans to quit the EU LCS

H2K, one of the biggest EU LCS teams, threatened to quit the league. Why, and what can be done to avoid this?

by Daniil Volkov

News that H2K are heavily considering leaving the EU LCS came in an open letter on their website. In it, H2K list the financial burdens of the competition and their annual losses of over €1,000,000 as the main reasons for their decision. The team asks Riot to introduce revenue sharing with a minimum compensation of at least €850,000 per year.

Is this a reasonable demand? Or will we see H2K departing from the EU LCS?

The Foreseen Consequences

It doesn’t bring us any happiness to say this, but we told you so. In the golden age of esports where many regions are receiving massive investments and growth opportunities, one league finds itself at a loss. The EU LCS. And the worst thing? This development was entirely predictable!

With the announcement of franchising being implemented in China and North America, organizations turned to Europe to see what its answer is going to be. Yet that answer never came. Or, it was so dodgy that even the EU LCS teams didn’t get what was in the works for their league.

Applications from major EU LCS teams for North American franchising acted as another warning sign. Of course, no one thought they’d get accepted. But the sole fact that four major teams were considering the move away from their home region and completely overhauling their organizational structures should’ve prompted some sort of a reaction. And—once again—it didn’t.

With nothing but worrying rumors going around about the EU LCS future, it’s no wonder H2K is now contemplating jumping the ship. Keep in mind that this isn’t Team Vitality or the recently relegated Mysterious Monkeys. This is a massive European org with a long-standing history of top-4 finishes and a number of decent showings at World Championship.

And yet, it’s very obviously struggling to make ends meet.

This means that most other teams likely find themselves in an even worse state, and the EU LCS is in a dire need of evolution. We’ve already talked through possible ways of revitalizing the league in the past, but the most important step right now is communication. Riot’s plans regarding Europe are shrouded in mystery to the point where even competitive orgs are uncertain about the future.

If the EU LCS is to continue, Riot needs to start viewing the league’s teams as their partners. And in that sort of a relationship, communication is key, and better decision-making is equally so.

What do you think about H2K’s plans to quit the EU LCS? Share your opinion in the comments below!


Daniil Volkov