G2 Esports vs Unicorns of Love: 2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 4

It’s been a tough start for Unicorns of Love: are they up to the challenge of taking down G2?

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Every team in the EU LCS has had their ups and downs during this Spring Split. Although a few teams, such as Vitality, Giants Gaming and Misfits have pulled out consistent wins, no team has had a perfect win record since the Spring Split kicked off in January. 

Most teams are tied at fourth on the leader board. G2, FC Schalke 04, Splyce, ROCCAT, and Fnatic all have three wins and three losses going into week four.

Week four will be a crucial week for teams such as G2, who are sitting in the middle of the pack, as this week presents a real opportunity for them to storm the Rift and potentially elevate their position on the leader board to within the top-three.

The week four match between G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love will be important for both teams, but for different reasons. 

G2 will be expected to win

Although long-standing mid laner PerkZ is the only remaining member of G2 from the 2017 season, there is a lot of expectation that G2’s new roster will still make it to number one in Europe. It’s easy to see why – with talent such as Jankos in the jungle and a solid bot team in Wadid and Hjarnan, G2’s roster is one that has a real shot of winning the Spring Split.

However, as close to the top of the leader board as they are, G2 still need to rack up more wins if they will challenge teams such as Vitality, who are having an incredible Spring Split so far across the board.

So far, G2’s performances have been solid, if not without their faults. During their game against Splyce in game three, momentum went over to Splyce after they took Baron at 22:30, however G2 slowly gained ground and take the win, with PerkZ taking a double kill right at the end of the game at 42 minutes on Zoe.

G2’s second game of week three against H2k was a much smoother affair. Jankos showed his former team what they were missing by dominating the jungle and helping G2 to have complete map control during the game.

G2 will need to produce a similar performance against Unicorns of Love when they face them in week four if they have hopes of climbing the ladder. Given that Unicorns are really struggling, the odds will be in G2’s favour, a win would make their path to the top of the leader board that much easier.

Unicorns of Love have to hold on

Unicorns of Love have had a tough 2018 Spring Split. They are sitting at the bottom of the leader board, having secured just one win by the close of week three. Their win was against H2k in their first game of week three. UOL profited from a Baron buff and a solid team fight at 31 minutes and used that advantage to close out the game. 

However, as easy as that win came for Unicorns, their progress unravelled when they faced Vitality in their second game of week three.

Despite some solid outplays by Exileh on Zoe, who took out Jiizuke at 3:39, UOL weren’t able to stop Vitality. Gilius stole the Baron from under UOL’s nose at 29:30, and from there it was a matter of time before Vitality finished the game.

No doubt Unicorns of Love will want to show they are still contenders in this Spring Split – and taking down G2 in a shock win would be a great way to do that.

The game between G2 and UOL will be the final game in week four of the EU LCS, and is scheduled to begin around 9pm CET. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will begin from 5pm CET, which you can catch on LoL Esports on YouTube.

Who do you think will win, G2 or Unicorns of Love? Let us know in the comments below!