Fnatic vs Hong Kong Attitude: 2017 World Championship Play-In Elimination Stage preview

Fnatic and Hong Kong Attitude duke it out on September 28. Who will qualify for the next stage at Worlds?

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Throughout this season, Fnatic has been shaky and unpredictable for viewers and fans. The team has a great mix of veterans and newbies alike; however, the new players often get abused by the other teams in Fnatic’s losses. When Fnatic do win, their games are quick and precise.

Hong Kong Attitude has been no better than Fnatic. They fulfilled the prediction they would get second in Play-Ins by playing sloppy against 1907 Fenerbahçe, and they have not displayed the ability to play Leblanc and Cho’gath. Each player of Hong Kong Attitude is great in their own way and coordinate their plays to a masterful degree.

Team Preview

Team Statistics

In terms of statistics, Hong Kong Attitude beats Fnatic by a long shot. HKA has a 100% First Tower and 80% First Blood rate in the Play-Ins alone, while Fnatic only has a 50% First Tower and First Blood rate. HKA also places more emphasis on Dragons than Fnatic does with an average of 2.6 compared to Fnatic’s 1.5 record. HKA has a 5.2 K/D compared to Fnatic’s 3.4 K/D, but that’s taking into account the tiebreaker that the Hong Kong team played in.

The European team beats the Hong Kong team in other important stats, though. Fnatic finishes their games earlier than HKA does, meaning that the K/D ratio that HKA has over Fnatic means less if the Fnatic team finishes their games earlier. HKA has banned Cho’gath and Taliyah 100% of the time, meaning that while they do not want to play those champions, the team does not want to play them either. HKA may enjoy taking the Herald and Dragons, but the team’s Baron control and decision making is very questionable. When HKA played against Fenerbahçe, they had their Baron stolen multiple times.

Top Lane matchup

Fnatic’s sOAZ is a veteran of the game and this Worlds appearance makes his total count 5. With an impressive 6.8 KDA so far in the tournament. His CS is at +7.3 at the 15 min. mark, and he knows how to effectively abuse his lane opponent while farming creeps. Unfortunately, the top lane meta is the tank meta, and sOAZ has expressed his hatred playing Shen on Twitter.

Hong Kong Attitude’s Riris is not looking hot in the tournament. Riris has only played two champions so far in the tournament: Maokai and Galio, which are champions that are abusable in the early game. His CS @ 15min is at a low -2.8, and his KDA is at a 3.6. While Riris has played against the top dogs like Ziv and MMD, sOAZ is less forgiving and will take everything away from Riris.

Conclusion: FNC sOAZ takes over the top lane.

Jungle matchup

The Fnatic jungler Broxah has not played on the stage for long, but he is performing well on the Worlds stage. Despite having a hiccup against Young Generation, his performance is not the reason Fnatic lost. Broxah is good about knowing when to counter-jungle when his opposing jungler shows itself. Broxah showed a great performance on his Rek’sai, Sejuani and Elise. His total KDA is at a decent 5.0, but his first blood participation is at a measly 25%.

The Hong Kong Attitude jungler GodKwai used to be the AD Carry for the team, but switched to his first role after the team picked up Unified. Despite this, GodKwai has been performing decently on the Worlds stage. With a high 5.9 KDA and 80% Kill Participation, the real shock is that GodKwai has a first blood participation rate of 60%. Despite these good qualities, whenever HKA played against 1907 Fenerbahçe, GodKwai got the baron stolen from his team multiple times by the opposing mid laner Frozen. Despite this, the champions that GodKwai played differs from Broxah, emphasizing Jarvan IV and Gragas since his Sejuani got banned or picked away.

Conclusion: FNC Broxah falls behind in the beginning but wins Fnatic the game.

Mid Lane matchup

Fnatic’s mid laner Caps is unpredictable. In every game, either Caps will clap the opponent or becomes crap in lane. In either case, every Fnatic fan can rely on the man’s ability to lane. Although he has not had first blood yet on the Worlds stage, Caps has shown his superb last hitting skills and averaging a CS Differential at +16.8 and 9.1 CS/min. Caps’s has a 5.6 KDA and 66.7% Kill Participation as the team relies on team fights to win games. Caps has played a different champion in every game, although it shows his pool to the world, he effectively counter-picks his opponent to win lane for his team.

The mid laner for Hong Kong Attitude is M1ssion, and his only operation is to win his team the game. He has a low 3.2 KDA and a decent 60.2% kill participation, but his first blood participation is at 60% along with his Jungler. That means that every time GodKwai is planning to gank, it will be towards Caps. M1ssion has played Syndra four times and Corki once, cloaking his champion pool for none to see.

Conclusion: HKA M1ssion snowballs his leads to leave mid lane open.

Bot Lane matchup

The FNC bot lane has Rekkles and Jesiz, two players whose first Worlds was during Season 4 on different teams. Rekkles has a high 7.5 KDA and a kill participation at 68.2% while Jesiz has a 11.3 KDA and a kill participation at 78.1%. Despite FNC Rekkles being known as one of the safest AD Carries, he made uncharacteristic mistakes during his performance the second match against Young Generation, such as getting caught out when he was on a control ward. Jesiz has been performing spectacularly on Rakan as he has a huge 25.0 KDA despite Rakan being known as a fragile yet swift engage champion.

The HKA bot lane has Unified and Kaiwing representing them, and the two of them are out for blood. Unified having a lower 6.3 KDA but makes it up with a high 86% kill participation while his partner Kaiwin has a 9.4 KDA and 78.6% kill participation. Unified also has a 731 damage per minute, which puts emphasis on how much his team relies on him during the late game.

Conclusion: FNC Rekkles and Jesiz barely edges out a victory.


This game will not be an easy game for either team at all. Hong Kong Attitude fought hard to get to Worlds, and they will not let two losses against a Wildcard team stop them. Fnatic refuses to let their Worlds run end now. The games will be determined on which lane each jungler will gank and counter-gank. The HKA team will rely on M1ssion to get ahead in lane while the FNC bot lane will try to play safe and go aggressive in a single moment. Each player is even in terms of skill since each team is part of a major region. However, I predict Fnatic will win in a 3-2 fashion.