Can FlyQuest conquer the Gauntlet?

FlyQuest have a tough schedule ahead of them in the Season 7 NA Regional Finals. Can they make the run and qualify as the third seed for Worlds?

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Originally named Cloud9 Challenger before being bought, FlyQuest looks to compete in the Season 7 NA LCS Regional Finals, or commonly known to the community as “the gauntlet”. FlyQuest qualified through acquiring 30 Championship Points for finishing in 4th place after upsetting Counter Logic Gaming in S7 Spring Playoffs and losing to Team Solomid and Phoenix1. After playoffs, FlyQuest AD Carry player Johnny “Altec” Ru left FlyQuest, but they picked up Jason “WildTurtle” Tran to fill the AD Carry position.

However, summer season was not very kind to FlyQuest at all. By Week 4 of the season and playing every but one team, FlyQuest’s win-loss record was at shocking 1-7 and in last place. After that, FlyQuest went 5-5 and finished in 7th place while retaining their championship points.

How did they make the Gauntlet?

FlyQuest were left stressed with point qualification still in the air. Team Solomid, Cloud9, and Pheonix1 had more points than FlyQuest at the time, but since Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, and Team EnVyUs had entered the Summer Playoffs, it was going to get tricky.

Fortunately for FlyQuest, everything went their way.

Pheonix1 had an even worse summer season and was forced to participate in the Relegation tournament and forfeited their opportunity to play in the gauntlet. As well, CLG defeated nV in quarter-finals of the summer playoffs, which allowed FlyQuest to still retain the fourth most championship points. While all the teams were playing their hearts out in order to make it to Worlds, FlyQuest had the opportunity to carefully study their opponents and the meta.

FlyQuest’s Gauntlet Run

Simply put, FlyQuest’s chances look very slim coming into the gauntlet.

Dignitas, CLG, and C9 have been in powerful form as of late, and all three teams beat FlyQuest during the summer season. Not only that, if FlyQuest manage to come out victorious, they must play the following opponent the next day. It’s a taxing experience for players making the entire run, but the reward of going to Worlds is a major motivator.

Fortunately for FlyQuest, their current members have done it before.

During Season 5 with Hai, Balls, and LemonNation on the roster, Cloud9 made the gauntlet run and qualified for Worlds despite the odds being against them. Cloud9 was down 0-2 twice with one more loss ending their dreams of competing at Season 5 Worlds, but they prevailed both times and defeated Gravity, Team Impulse, and Team Liquid.

Unfortunately for Flyquest, they’ll have to do it again.

FlyQuest’s strengths

Hai “Hai” Du Lam is both mid laner and shotcaller for FlyQuest. While these combined roles are taxing on the second main damage dealer, Hai has managed to do this for many years. His keen perception to call for fights and to rush objectives have netted his team many advantages and victories. Hai has played both jungle and support positions while on Cloud9, allowing him to understand how each role approaches situations, warding and champion priority. Along with Hai’s wide champion pool, Hai is the most flexible player on FlyQuest, and will need to make the correct calls if the team wants to move on.

Balls, Moon, WildTurtle, and LemonNation are all long-time veterans of League of Legends with more to prove. All the members of FlyQuest are a close-knit family with a long history, and it shows in their teamfight power. Each member of FlyQuest has confidence that the other member will support them on their play. While WildTurtle may go crazy and flash over walls to secure a kill, LemonNation is right there to back him up.

Last time Hai played in the Gauntlet, his primary goal was to rush the Baron when no team was expecting it. His call nabbed Cloud9 Baron right under opponent’s noses multiple times, causing a snowball to victories. With the revival of Cho’gath and Kalista continuing to be in meta, rushing down monster objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald and Baron isn’t out of the picture for FlyQuest.

With every good commander, there is a good strategist. Hai’s best friend LemonNation is in charge of pick & bans and is the brains of the operation. LemonNation has a keen eye on the meta and has chosen weird picks before, like Veigar, to both surprise his opponent and win them games. Hai has a few tricks up his sleeve to nab them wins, but LemonNation will be there supporting his every decision.


FlyQuest is in a rough position in the Gauntlet, but Hai, Lemon and Balls have been down this road once before. Everyone has their eyes on the giants Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9, but the members of FlyQuest have toppled down the odds before.

We’ll soon see if Flyquest can bring it all together with everything on the line. With Hai at the helm, you certainly can’t count them out just yet.

What do you think of the Gauntlet, and Flyquest’s chances making it to Worlds? Let us know in the comments below!