FlyQuest are a few roster moves away from greatness

For the first time in a while, FlyQuest seem to be on the right track in the NA LCS, and they can achieve new heights if they play their cards right in the off-season.

by Daniil Volkov

(Image credit: Riot Games)

The 2018 Summer Split was anticlimactic for FlyQuest.

After spending the bulk of the regular season challenging—and defeating—some of the best teams in the NA LCS, the organization fell off during the final weeks of the competition. And what started with a bang, ended with a disappointing 0-3 loss to 100 Thieves.

But if you were to go back to the preseason, no one expected FlyQuest to make it this far. Their spring split was abysmal and their roster moves were so uninspiring that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone rating them higher than a bottom-2 team.

Despite that, FlyQuest managed to break into the playoffs. Not only that but they beat teams like CLG and Clutch Gaming on the way there, and—if FlyQuest play their cards right in the off-season—they might very well achieve new heights in 2019.


Daniil Volkov