Worlds 2017: How far will Royal Never Give Up make it?

RNG find themselves in Group C at the 2017 World Championship, facing down EU’s G2, LCK’s Samsung Galaxy, and likely NA’s Cloud9. How far will they go?

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After losing the LPL finals to EDG, RNG became the 2nd seed for the Chinese in Worlds. RNG was placed in an already very competitive Group C with the European champions G2, and last year’s finalist Samsung. After losing in the quarterfinals to the the world champs SKT; RNG look to improve this time around. RNG bring back one of the worlds best ADC’s in Uzi and jungler Mlxg.

How far can they go?

How they qualified

RNG finished second in both the Spring and Summer Split this season, and gained the 2nd seed for the LPL by points for this year’s worlds. Their recent game was against Edward Gaming in the LPL finals where they got reverse swept in a crushing turn.

Overview of RNG in Group C

RNG are a likely favorite to be one of the two teams to make it out of Group C, and this is their second straight worlds appearance. Group C is certainly dangerous, and will likely soon feature Cloud9 as well. The main focus in this Group will be the AD carries for each team. Zven for G2, Uzi for RNG, and Ruler for SSG are some of the top ADC’s in their regions, and even across Worlds.

Plenty will come from who outguns who in the bottom lane.

RNG’s starting lineup

Letme (Top)- After being transferred last year to Team RYL because RNG had to make room for Looper in the top lane, Letme has made a lot of changes in his play style, becoming more team-focused than being only a carry top laner for his team. Letme has a chance to showcase this new style on the big stage at Worlds 2017.


Mlxg (Jungle)- Mlxg is one of the LPL’s best players. He has been in the scene for a long team, and has finished at the top with many other championships throughout his career. Look for Mlxg to bring a strong consistency for the team that has been tried and tested plenty.


Xiaohu (Mid)- Xiaohu has been on a team with top laner Letme before when they were with Team Gametee. Xiaohu’s style is heavily focused on his team play, showing during the Spring Split where he had a 76.3% KP.


Uzi (ADC)- One of the best players in the world, Uzi is the star for RNG. He is considered one of the best laners ever, and looks to show that once again at Worlds 2017.  He has made it to two Worlds Finals and looks to lock down his first victory.


Ming (Support)- Ming will look to fill the responsibility Mata left behind in moving from RNG to KT Rolster. Being paired with Uzi is a very tall task. This is a great chance for Ming to show why he deserves the slot to perform against other top supports when it matters most.


RNG’s chances in Worlds 2017

With RNG’s lineup they are more than likely going to escape Group C. And if they do, they may only need a bit of matchup luck to go far this year, and they’re certainly due some after running into SKT in last year’s Quarterfinals.

All in all, look for this team to make a splash in Worlds 2017.

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