EU LCS Summer Split 2018 week 1: Team Vitality vs Splyce

Week one of the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split is shaping up to be full of action – but will it be Vitality or Splyce capturing victory in the first game of the Split?

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(Image Credit: Wojtek Zając)

After the long wait, the EU LCS Summer Split is finally back, with day one kicking off on Friday 15th June. The very first match of the Split, scheduled between Vitality and Splyce, looks as though it’ll have plenty of action, as it will be a rematch between the third and fourth placed teams during from the Spring Split.

Who walks out the victor?

Vitality wants payback

Vitality exploded onto the EU LCS stage during the Spring Split, and held on finishing in a highly respectable fourth place. Seeing as it was Splyce that defeated Vitality during the third-place decider match during the Spring Split playoffs, expect this day one match up to be spicy, as Vitality look for payback.

There haven’t been many changes to the Vitality roster, aside from the addition of Team Vitality Academy’s Damien “Shemek” Soulagnet as a substitute top laner. You may also notice that ADC Minitroupax has changed his name to Attila, but otherwise, it should be business as usual for the Vitality squad.

We already know Jiizuke will be crucial to Vitality’s chance at beating Splyce, but there will also likely be a renewed focus on bot lane given the recent significant changes to the ADC meta. If he can avoid the focus from Splyce it could be a grave mistake.

Splyce needs to start off on the right foot

Splyce’s roster has also remained static during the off-season, although they did recently take on Anders “Kronos” Schultz as a substitute jungler. However, keeping the same team together is no bad thing, especially with the skill level of some Splyce players, such as Xerxe and kaSing. Splyce has quite the history of keeping a consistent roster, though they did break the tradition to form 2018’s squad.

Given many of the Splyce roster were rookies during the Spring Split, the experience they will take into the Summer Split can only be a good sign for the team. However, there have been significant changes to the meta since the Spring Split wrapped, and so Splyce will have to prove they can adapt to changing drafts and pick priorities if they want to do as well this Split. It’s a lot of new experiences for newer players on the stage.

When it comes to predicting a winner, it will be a close call. Although Vitality beat Splyce twice during the regular Spring Split, they notably lost during the playoffs series. Given we’re back to a Bo1 format during the Summer Split, Vitality may well have the edge over Splyce, particularly in the early game, but expect this match to be very close. 

Verdict: We have to give this match to Team Vitality

Coverage of all Friday’s games will start at 6pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. The match between Vitality and Splyce is the first game on day one’s schedule, and it’s only fireworks from there.

Who do you think will win, Vitality or Splyce? Let us know in the comments below!