EU LCS Summer Split 2018 w6 d2: ROCCAT vs Vitality

As both teams sit in fifth place, will it be ROCCAT or Vitality to pull ahead this Saturday?

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(Image Credit: Christian Frank)

We’re now into the second half of the Summer Split when every team will play each other for the second time.

This Saturday, ROCCAT will go up against Vitality. With both teams sitting in fifth place alongside Splyce, with five wins and five losses apiece.

Expect this game to be closely fought, as teams set their sights on potential playoffs spots.

It’s going to be a good one.

ROCCAT is riding high

ROCCAT will be feeling great after their big win against G2 Esports last week. Not only did they play an exceptionally clean game, but they also won without conceding a single kill to G2 – quite the feat when you consider that G2 has looked in great shape this Split.

What’s more, as ROCCAT heads into their rematch against Vitality, they will be feeling even better about the fact that, in their previous match against Vitality this Summer Split, ROCCAT took the surprising win.

With calm and collected performances over the past few weeks and some stand out plays from Memento among others, ROCCAT is on track to make it into playoffs again this Split. If they can keep the form they’ve now found, they may be able to topple Vitality on the day and overtake them for the fourth place spot.

Vitality needs to regroup

Vitality hasn’t had the dream run they enjoyed during the Spring Split. Now on a three loss losing streak, Vitality will need to mentally regroup if they stand a chance of defeating ROCCAT.

Often during this Split we’ve seen Vitality struggle when behind, as they’re known to be a strong and proactive early game team. This frustration when behind can result in overly aggressive plays, whether from Gilius, Jiizuke, or another member of the team,  which end up putting Vitality even further behind in a match.

If Vitality can reign in their emotions, and improve on execution, then they may be able to break their losing streak this Saturday. 

Verdict: This one will be close, but as Vitality seem to be struggling more with their gameplay,  I think ROCCAT should be able to edge out the surprise win again in this rematch.

The match is the second game scheduled for Saturday 28 July. Coverage of Saturday’s games begins at 5pm CET. You can watch all the action on Twitch and the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

Who do you think will win, ROCCAT or Vitality? Let us know in the comments below!