EU LCS: New partner announced and team jersey changes

Riot recently announced a number of changes that you can expect to see in the EU LCS Summer Split

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It’s a new Split, and with it came a new set of announcements from Riot.


DXRacer partnered with the EU LCS

Riot recently revealed that DXRacer has partnered up with the EU LCS, and it is now their official chair sponsor.

As part of that partnership, custom DXRacer chairs will be used throughout the EU LCS Summer Split, and naturally, those chairs can be seen during the broadcast days on Fridays and Saturdays. Riot has also promised that these chairs will be available to purchase at some point in the near future, with further details to be released in the future.

Changes to team jerseys

In previous Splits, there have been certain regulations in place by Riot regarding team jerseys and team logo placement. Specifically, teams were required to display their team logos on the most prominent part of the chest area of their jerseys. 

However, changes have now been made, so that sponsors’ logos can now be displayed more visibly on the chest area of a team’s jersey. These adjustments come into effect for the EU LCS Summer Split 2018, and subsequent splits.

The reason behind the change was to provide teams more opportunities to generate revenue through logo placement, to help both the teams and Riot “on our road towards sustainability.” 

Given that each team’s branding is fairly recognisable to fans, it’s probably for the best that Riot has made these changes. Any ability to generate more revenue for teams will be welcome, especially for teams like H2k who have been vocal in the past about the financial burdens of having a team within the EU LCS. 

Although undoubtedly the financial prospects of teams will increase further once franchising comes into effect, this change to the regulations sounds like a great step in the right direction.

The league is growing 

Besides the above two announcements, Riot also mentioned that viewership of the EU LCS has increased year-on-year by around 25% on average compared to the 2017 Spring Split viewing figures. It appears the format changes introduced during the 2018 season have worked in improving audience engagement, whilst still giving fans enough time to watch their favourite teams perform out on the Rift.

The announcement also contained other information, including details about the new pre-broadcast Ready Check programme and POV streams. You can view the full range of announcements made by Riot here.

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