EU LCS All-Pro Team announced

The regular 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has ended, meaning that the EU LCS All-Pro team has now been released by Riot

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Warning: spoilers below!

After nine weeks of intense competition, the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has come to a close. Although the playoffs are still underway to find out which team will be crowned the winners of Europe, Riot has now published the results of the vote for the EU LCS all-pro team for the 2018 Spring Split.

The results of the vote were as follows:

Top Lane:

Wunder – G2 Esports (104 points)

Wunder was the clear winner for top lane this Spring Split and made a real impact within G2, helping them to secure their playoffs spot. sOAZ of Fnatic and Odoamne from Splyce took second and third place, respectively. 


Xerxe – Splyce (86 points)

Although Xerxe was widely expected to take first place in the All-Pro team, the battle for second and third place was much closer, with Jankos of G2 and Broxah of Fnatic coming in at 61 points and 59 points, respectively.

Mid Lane:

Caps – Fnatic (112 points)

The competition for mid lane was fierce this Spring Split, with Perkz of G2 and Jiizuke of Vitality coming in at second and third place. However, it’s unlikely that Jiizuke will be too unhappy with the result, having now been revealed as the rookie of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split.


Rekkles – Fnatic (121 points)

Although some lanes were hotly speculated as to which individuals would win the All-Pro team vote, other lanes seemed to be a foregone conclusion. The All-Pro team vote for ADC went unsurprisingly to Rekkles. Although Kobbe of Splyce and Hans Sama of Misfits put in solid performances this Spring Split, Rekkles has been on devastating form, particularly on Tristana. This was reflected in the votes, with Kobbe only picking up 69 points for his second place vote, and Hans Sama only receiving 41 points for third place.


Hylissang – Fnatic (76 points)

The closest battle across all the lanes was support, as second place kaSing of Splyce lost out by just one point, receiving 75 points. In third place came Mikyx of Misfits with 55 points. 

Overall, members of Fnatic, Splyce and G2 have been prominent in the first, second and third place All-Pro team votes. This news is unsurprising given how well each of these teams performed during the regular Split. Fnatic and G2 have now confirmed their spots in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split finals, which will take place in Copenhagen next week on Sunday 8 April.

Splyce have also secured their spot in the third place playoffs match against Vitality, which will take place on Saturday 7 April. The battle for first place in the EU LCS will be closely fought, and as the All-Pro team selection shows, expect a close series between Fnatic and G2.

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