EU LCS Power Rankings: Week 7

Things are heating up in the EU LCS in week 8.

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We’re nearing the end of the Summer Split, and competition is heating up for sought-after playoffs spots and places for Europe at Worlds.

With only a few more weeks to go until the regular season ends, let’s look at which teams could challenge for a top six finish.

10. H2k

H2k may have won their first game of the Summer Split but sadly their playoffs hopes are long gone.

While the combination of Shook and Selfie was praised during the Spring Split the “Shook effect” has not appeared this Split, and H2k has looked shaky since week one. As a result, it’s not unsurprising that Caedrel has re-emerged in the jungle for the team.

Recently, H2k’s misfortune was compounded when their mid-laner Selfie came down with an injury, which led to Larssen replacing him for week seven.

Seeing as H2k has lost this Split, the best they can hope for is to claim a few more wins before the regular season ends and try to end on a high note. For now, they’re just trying to find a winning recipe with the players they have.

9. Giants Gaming

Giants had a huge week seven and took a shock win against Misfits, in no small part thanks to Djoko and Steeelback, and Giants also saw off ROCCAT during last Saturday’s game.

If Giants can keep this success up, then they’ll have an outside chance to make it to playoffs. However, they have a very demanding schedule ahead of them, with matches still to come against Fnatic, FC Schalke 04, G2 Esports, and Splyce. 

If Giants can pull up another few upset wins and complete the miracle run, then the race for sixth place could become interesting, but they’re definitely an unlikely qualifier. 

8. Unicorns of Love

There’s not much going right for Unicorns of Love at the moment. Although certain team members, such as Kold and Exileh, have shone at times during the Summer Split, there’s almost no chance that UOL will make it into the playoffs this Split, especially given their upcoming schedule against G2 Esports, ROCCAT, and Fnatic.

Their main issues seem to be a lack of execution and difficulty getting ahead while in-game, which became clear during their game against Splyce last week when they took no kills during the match.

Although the lack of playoffs success will be very disappointing for UOL, it looks as though it’s back to the drawing board this summer to see how 2019 can be better for them. The organization that was once a big player in Europe will have to make some moves to return to former glory.


ROCCAT was fairly consistent in their win/loss ratio, usually taking one win and one loss each week, but recently they’ve fallen into a rough patch. After having lost three games in a row against Giants, Schalke, and Vitality, there’s now a question mark over whether the team can make it back into playoffs this Split for the second time in org history.

If they want to have a shot, then Memento will remain crucial to the team’s chances, although other members of the squad, such as Profit, would also do well to step up in certain games.

6. Splyce

Despite a shaky start to the Summer Split and some clear discomfort with the new meta, Splyce has recovered since their return from Rift Rivals. Now, they look to be in a strong position to take a playoffs spot.

Their immediate rivals for that all-important playoffs spot seem to be ROCCAT. As it turns out, both teams will face each other this coming Friday, making it a must-win for each team if they want to keep their playoffs dreams alive. Whoever does take the victory will likely make the cut.

5. FC Schalke 04

FC Schalke 04 has shown that they can battle with the heavy hitters in the EU LCS and they nowhave the ir sights set on a potential top-three finish. Although Schalke didn’t make it into playoffs last Split, they’ve turned their fortunes around during the Summer Split. This has been in part thanks to the introduction of Amazing, who played exceptionally well during week seven. 

Combined with standout performances from Vander and Nukeduck, there’s a lot to like in the Schalke side at the moment.

4. Vitality

Vitality has had an up and down Summer Split. Although they started off strong, they faltered mid-Split, with over-aggressive plays often causing their crushing losses in-game.

However, it looks as though Vitality’s luck has well and truly turned, thanks to the introduction of Kikis in the jungle and his Trundle plays, which saw Vitality takedown powerhouses such as Fnatic.

The only thing slowing down Vitality now is their mid game, where they can still fall foul to poor decision making, especially when it comes to team fights. If they can iron out those issues, they could really challenge during the playoffs for a spot in the finals. They may have the highest ceiling of the league.

3. G2 Esports

G2 Esports looked insanely strong at the beginning of the Split but after their return from Rift Rivals, their results went haywire, with the team racking up losses against the likes of Giants Gaming and ROCCAT. Although they had a mixed week seven, with a win against H2k and a loss against Fnatic, it looks as though G2 has finally found their footing again. 

Their early game remains strong, the team is still good at getting early towers, and Jankos looks to be back on form based on his performance as Nocturne during week seven’s match against Fnatic. If G2 can try to press their early game advantages, and rack up consistently high kills during their games, then they still have a chance of challenging for a first-place finish. This team is looking to brawl. 

2. Fnatic

Fnatic remains one of the favourites to win the Summer Split, and it’s easy to see why. Bwipo continues to play well in the bottom lane, with a strong showing on Vladimir during last Saturday’s game against G2 Esports, and sOAZ and Caps are also highlighting their expertise in top and mid lane, respectively.

With a strong draft phase and a strong early game, it’ll be tough for any team in the EU LCS to stand up to them. But if they want to win the league, then they must resolve the occasional errors we’ve seen from Broxah and Hylissang, as shown during Fnatic’s match against Vitality last week. 

1. Misfits

Earlier on in the Split, Misfits was the team everyone was talking about. Bouncing back from a disappointing Spring Split with an undefeated tear in summer, it looked like Misfits were almost a shoe-in for a first place finish and that bye in playoffs.

Fast forward a few weeks and something looks to have gone wrong in Misfits’ camp. Regardless of what changes Misfits make – including moving Hans Sama off of his signature ADCs – they don’t seem to help Misfits win.

Now sitting in joint first with Fnatic, Misfits will have to find their feet again – and quickly – if they want to stay on top. We’ve seen from earlier in the Split that they have the talent and early game prowess to keep Fnatic at bay, but they need to step up in week 8 to keep their first-place dreams alive.

Which team do you think will win the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split? Let us know in the comments below!