EU LCS: Power Rankings and Summer Split preview

We set our sights on the upcoming EU LCS Summer Split, and see where the teams might end up.

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In June, the EU LCS will return for the 2018 Summer Split. The Spring Split was full of surprises, with Misfits unexpectedly dropping out to playoffs, Vitality defying all expectations and taking fourth place, and Fnatic finally taking their crown back from G2. So, understandably, we’re hyped for the Summer Split.

Below we give our own Power Rankings on where we think the teams will end up. Let us know whether you agree!


10. Giants Gaming

It was widely predicted that Giants would struggle during the Spring Split, and their ninth place finish proved many analysts right. Although there have been good performances by the likes of Ruin and Betsy, the entire roster will need to play more consistently if they want to improve this Split, and we aren’t confident that’s what we’ll see on the Rift this summer.

9. FC Schalke 04

Schalke had quite an up and down Spring Split, and they never really gained momentum with their results, and finishing up in eighth place.

If Pride and Nukeduck can gain momentum this Split, then there’s a chance this team could take off and claim a potential playoffs spot, but if we end up with much of the same, then it’s likely Schalke will struggle to make it out of the bottom of the table.

8. Unicorns of Love

The 2018 Spring Split just wasn’t for Unicorns of Love, and hats off to them for avoiding tilt when they faced loss after loss. Thankfully for UOL, Summer Split is a clean slate, and a chance to show the rest of the EU LCS what they’re really made of.

If they can bring the dynamic play they showed in the second half of the Spring Split to the Summer Split, then you can expect much better results from this team. Even if everything doesn’t come together, it’s likely they’ll still float just above the bottom.



ROCCAT managed what many would have thought was unthinkable during the 2018 Spring Split by making it to the playoffs for the first time in their years of EU LCS contention. Although ROCCAT fans will have been ecstatic to see their team do so well during the Spring Split, I’m not sure they’ll pull it off a second time this year. With so much of the team’s strength in their support, look for vision control and synergy to let this team steal more wins this Summer, but don’t get your hopes too high.

6. Vitality

I’m a big fan of Vitality, and their rookie roster really shone during the Spring Split. However, despite their impressive winning streak during the regular season, their gameplay during their playoff series against Splyce left something to be desired.

Although I have every confidence that Jiizuke will put on a show in mid lane during the Summer Split, the other teams in the EU LCS are now very aware that to beat Vitality, you just have to camp mid and stop a Jiizuke snowball. If Vitality can’t bring any new strategies to the table, and if Gilius can’t get a handle on his smite, expect them to struggle this Split. A one-trick pony showing will end quite poorly.

5. Splyce

Splyce had a great Spring Split, finishing third overall and securing themselves a place at Rift Rivals. With a solid roster featuring innovators like Xerxe and an excellent support in kaSing, it’s hard not to imagine Splyce adapting to whatever’s in front of them and doing well. Their chances of making it to playoffs once more are high, but much like Splyce’s history, it’ll need a little something more to break into the upper echelon.

4. H2k

H2k got off to a rocky start in the Spring Split. However, once Shook and Selfie came to the table, their performance on the Rift picked up noticeably, and they even secured a place in the playoffs. 

Now that the team has a full Split of work together, expect H2k to go from strength to strength, especially with a more ADC-focused meta that will let Sheriff shine. 

3. Misfits

We all know Misfits had an incredible performance at Worlds 2017, taking SKT to five games in a tense quarter-final. Unfortunately for Misfits, a lot has changed since then. Despite almost universal expectation that Misfits would bring their Worlds performance back to the EU LCS stage, they disappointed during the Spring Split and failed to make playoffs.

That kind of disappointment will have hurt Misfits, but I’ve every confidence they’ve used the time off between Splits to regroup and double their efforts for the Summer Split. They still have a solid roster, with Maxlore, Alphari, and Hans Sama, so they will definitely want to prove themselves come June.

2. G2 Esports 

There’s a lot of talent in the G2 roster, from “Mr G2” himself Perkz to Wunder and Jankos, it’s fireworks all around. Although they’ll be very disappointed they couldn’t hold on to the EU LCS crown for a fifth consecutive Split, don’t expect G2 to go down without a fight in the Summer Split. And Fnatic, they’re coming for you.

But though they have a fair chance to take first place, I think Fnatic has that extra edge over them this Split, especially when Fnatic have had the benefit of recent international experience with G2 watching from home.

1. Fnatic

Fnatic looked pretty comfortable when they won the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, and the additional international experience fresh in their minds from MSI will help them come back to the Summer Split in fighting shape. They’ll need it. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Caps, in particular, was outstanding during MSI, featuring wonderful and strange picks anywhere from Yasuo mid to Aurelion Sol, so all eyes will be on him to see whether he can continue to perform in the regular season. Bwipo also came into his own during MSI, so it’ll be interesting to see whether he will remain the starting top laner for Fnatic, or whether they’ll go back to the veteran sOAZ. Even better, we could see alternation depending on the circumstance.

Summer Split

With much up in the air this Summer Split, there’s plenty of action and drama to look forward to. You can catch it all June 15th, kicking off with a fantastic clash between Splyce and Vitality.

Which team do you think will win the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split? Let us know in the comments below!