EU LCS Playoffs Third Place Match: Splyce vs Vitality

Although Splyce and Vitality will be disappointed to not make it to the finals, there is still that all-important third place up for grabs in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split

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Warning: spoilers below!

Despite putting up strong fights during the semi-finals, both Splyce and Vitality walked away defeated from their semi-final matches against G2 and Fnatic, respectively. Whilst both teams would have undoubtedly preferred to be playing in the finals, a consolation prize is till up for grabs. Whichever team wins the third-place Bo5 series will secure the third place on the leader board for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split.

Can Splyce turn around their drafting troubles?

Splyce turned their performance around as a team towards the latter half of the Spring Split, and their hard work has paid off as they have reached the top four of the EU LCS. However, if they want to take home that third-place win, then they will have to make sure their drafts and team fighting are up to scratch when they play against Vitality this Saturday.

Xerxe in particular may need to consider his champion pools before the match, as he struggled to make an impact during Splyce’s semi-final game against G2 Esports when his preferred champion this Spring Split, Zac, was banned away from him. If Xerxe can secure a jungler during draft phase that can make a real impact for Splyce, which will likely be through shutting down Jiizuke in mid lane, then they stand a good chance of emerging victorious in the Bo5 series.

Splyce would also do well to consider banning Swain during the draft phase, as his presence in mid lane caused huge problems for Splyce during their semi-final against G2. Taking Swain off the board and denying his appearance in either top or mid lane would likely give Splyce more opportunities to win.

Vitality continue to defy expectations 

Vitality have accomplished a lot this Spring Split. As a rookie team, few expected that Vitality would make the playoffs, let alone make it to the top four when they were up against more hyped opponents during the regular split such as Misfits. However, Jiizuke’s outstanding performances in mid-lane, combined with creative team plays across the map, have allowed Vitality to make a real name for themselves in the EU LCS.

Although Vitality will undoubtedly be disappointed that they did not make the finals, they will probably be happy if they can take home third-place in the EU LCS. Although their early game is arguably the strongest out of all the EU LCS teams, there are still issues around Vitality’s macro and late-game play that need to be ironed out before the Summer Split rolls around.

Objectives have also proven to be a real sticking point for Vitality, with Gilius consistently losing 50/50 Barons to the enemy team. If Vitality can show during their match against Splyce that they have improved in any of these areas, then their critics will probably be silenced for now.

A place in Rift Rivals is also up for grabs

There is also plenty of incentive for Splyce and Vitality to win their third-place match this week. Not only will the winning team take home the third spot within the league and the accompanying bragging rights, but the winner should also book their spot on Rift Rivals, which will take place between July 2nd and July 8th 2018.

The winning team would also secure more points for that all-important chance to qualify for Worlds 2018, so there’s a lot on the line for both Splyce and Vitality.

Coverage of the series will start at 5pm CET on Saturday 7th April 2018. You can watch the action as it unfolds on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

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