Echo Fox vs Clutch Gaming: 2018 NA LCS Spring Split week 8

The should-be’s vs the would-be’s?

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Photo Credit: Patar knight

At some point mid-way through the season, I had decided in my head that Clutch Gaming we’re the slightly less deadly version of 100Thieves. But as it happens, the tables currently show the opposite to be true.

CG have been in a good run of form lately and the underdogs might raise cause for concern as they’ve found their way into third place, just two wins away from first place Echo Fox, and one win making the difference between Cloud9 and themselves. 

After Echo Fox’s performances these past two weeks (2/2) against some of the easier opponents in the league, it’s not crazy to think that CG could provide a swift upset and pull themselves one win closer to tieing up with FOX. 

CG fans will be hoping for such an outcome as well as a loss from second place C9. Should all these pieces fall into place, CG would actually be tied for second going into Sunday’s games. Not bad, considering the ‘mediocre’ feel to the team’s overall power. 

For this to happen, or at least for CG to beat FOX, there are a couple of strategies that CG will employ.

For one, they will, without a shadow of a doubt, focus down the Fox’s bot lane:
For the past couple of weeks, Echo Fox’s own Adrian n’ Altec bot lane duo has been a point of worry for the team. 

Repeatedly they find themselves being camped by the enemy jungler and taken down, feeding the enemy team great leads. Sometimes in a showing of poor luck, but sometimes just by being brutally outclassed, to put it bluntly. 

CG will definitely have taken notice of this going into week 8, and you can expect to see some great bottom lane action this coming Saturday.

Paired with this should be CG’s attention to their biggest glaring issue as of late: predictability.

The last time CG ran a champion selection that was remotely interesting, they were smashed by Cloud 9. Unfortunate, but not an excuse to get lazy and resort to turtling their inspiration. 

Yes, CG have won their last two games with a rather cookie cutter lineup of Tank top / Cait bot / Azir mid, but that was against two of the weaker teams in the league. Against an Echo Fox, changing up their game will be a must, otherwise a loss in champion select should be expected. And that’s no easy obstacle to come around (that’s why it’s called losing in champ select: you lost.)

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