Dark Star Cho’Gath for charity

I’d say you’re supporting a good cause, but taking Cho’Gath bot lane is probably for the worst.

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(Image Credit: Chris Yunker)

For those of you who haven’t seen the amazing new Dark Star Cho’Gath skin Riot recently showed off on their twitter page, you’ll be happy to hear that the skin looks dank as all heck and will have 100% of the proceeds gained from June 20th – July 21st sent to various charities throughout the world. 

This announcement marks the sixth skin released for Cho’Gath, with the last being Prehistoric Cho’gath released in 2015. Whether it tops his Gentleman Cho’Gath skin choice certainly remains to be seen, but with that grain of salt the limited visuals Riot has given us through the tweet still look Project Zed levels of smooth. 

You can see the official post (and the cool skin) right here. And if you’re curious about what kind of charities you’d be supporting, you can take a look at Riot’s official Corporate Social Responsibility page and read up on their current activities.

It’s good to see Riot continuing to use their massive platform to bring attention and resources to groups that need them in abundance. The nature of their goodwill works not just to the advantage of those they are supporting, but also to the players of their free-to-play game who are given the opportunity to do something worthwhile as they play their game. 

More content, more players, more money for charities, more opportunities to counter Cho’Gath in solo queue. Everybody wins.

Of course, this isn’t Riot‘s first charity event, and with the most obvious example of a previous charity effort being their Championship Ashe charity during Worlds of 2017 which raised over 2 million dollars. The organizations which received their respective percentages were determined by the players as well. 

It’s this kind of community within the game that gives it the depth and layers to be a notable force in the societies that enjoy it, and that’s a great sight to behold and be a part of  while its here.

I’ll enjoy my remaining time with yelling for quiet, and I suggest you join me, because in the coming months he’ll be relegated (or promoted) to whatever version of that he will yell in his dark star form. I can’t wait.

On top of it all, the true fun of these next couple of months will be seeing if we can crack that $2.35 million number by the end of July. 

What do you think of the new Dark Star Cho’Gath skin? Which charity are you most excited about supporting? Let us know in the comments below!