CLG sign Biofrost and Reignover

CLG enter the new season with Biofrost and Reignover! Can they climb back to the top of the NA LCS?

by Daniil Volkov

The news that Vincent “Biofrost” Wang and Yeujin “Reignover” Kim joined Counter Logic Gaming came out on their website. The former will replace Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black as CLG’s support while the latter will take over the jungle role. As for Omar “OmarGod” Amin, he will move to the academy team. 

Considering these roster changes, did CLG win out in the off-season?

Losing the shot caller 

We’ll start by stating the obvious: losing Aphromoo is going to hurt. A lot. Ever since the North American support joined CLG, he had a strong in-game presence and seamlessly led his team with sharp playmaking and decisive shot calling. Replacing him would a tall order for most players, and we’re not sure even a support of Biofrost’s caliber can manage that. CLG will most likely have to go through some growing pains before they figure out a new communication model. 

Still, when it comes to raw mechanical skill, Biofrost is certainly up to the task. During his time in the NA LCS, he played three splits as a part of TSM’s lineup and routinely kept up with Doublelift in lane and out of it. He’s more than capable of pulling off clutch plays and finding key initiations, and if he also manages to develop an in-game voice, he’ll be a great asset to the team. 

Meanwhile, Reignover is a much better addition. Part of it has to do with OmarGod being below the standard of an NA LCS jungler, so most newcomers would work well in his place. But Reignover’s playstyle of emphasizing pathing and tracking the enemy jungler is bound to synergize well with CLG’s dominant laners. Of course, he has a lot to prove after the Team Liquid fiasco, but considering how much success he had before that, we have no doubt that Reignover can make his comeback. 

So what does this mean for the rest of CLG? 

Stixxay will get a more mechanically gifted support, but he’ll likely have to take over the shot calling duties—a challenge that might be far too stiff for him right now. As for Huhi and Darshan, they’ll have to learn to work with a new jungler.

In the end, it all comes down to how this 3-man core meshes with the newcomers, and if everything clicks, we can see CLG returning to their former glory. But they’ll have to overcome a lot of hurdles on the way there.

What do you think about Counter Logic Gaming adding Biofrost and Reignover to their NA LCS roster? Share your opinion in the comments below!


Daniil Volkov