Champion Roadmap: New support champion teaser and a new Nunu

Riot recently released its latest champion roadmap, and plenty of changes are in store.

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Riot announced their latest raft of plans for champions in their April 2018 roadmap. 

One of the major announcements was that a brand new champion is in the works. However, there will be some changes to existing champions as well, such as Aatrox and Nunu. Let’s look at the main announcements below.

New champion teased

One of the most exciting announcements was that we can look forward to a new support champion on the Rift sometime soon.

Riot didn’t give tons of details, but we were told that the support champ will have an aquatic theme and be an aggressive playmaker. Although not confirmed, we can safely assume that the champion will come from Bilgewater given the champ’s theme, so it’s likely their lore will be mixed in with fellow support champs Nami and Nautilus.

More details will be released in the coming months, but given the quality of recent champion releases, such as Zoe and Xayah and Rakan, we can expect great things from the new champion.

However, Riot said that in order to preserve the quality of champion releases they will reduce the rate of new champion releases. To compensate, we’ll be getting more VGU releases for existing champions.

Nunu rework

The latest champion VGU announcement targeted Nunu and his companion Willump. Riot stated that they will look to rework both characters from the ground up, with the aim to create a more whimsical play style with the duo. However, a few of their abilities will remain, so not everything will be thrown out in the update.

Aatrox updates

In keeping with their promise to keep tweaking existing champions, Riot also announced more changes coming to Aatrox.

It’s already been confirmed that Aatrox is getting an update to his gameplay. However, his visuals will also get a revamp as well to compliment those gameplay changes. Although those visuals won’t go so far as to be a “full VGU” there will be changes to his skins to match the updates to his base model. Aatrox will also get a new voice over, so there are plenty of changes coming his way!

A new Akali

Riot shared a few extra details about the upcoming Akali VGU. Although Akali’s shroud ability will remain, the ability will be tweaked to make it more exciting for Akali players. We also know Akali will remain a high-mobility champion, and will also have her lore extended in the League of Legends universe, in a move sure to please Akali fans!

You can read the full champion roadmap release here.

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