2018 NA LCS Spring Split week 6: TSM vs Echo Fox

The two most interesting teams of the split face off in what will probably be a game of throws.

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(Image Credit: Freakk)

Echo Fox have been the most surprising team of the split so far, defying what seemed like great odds and pulling themselves up to the first place spot on the league table. Its a sight to see, and selfishly, I’m glad to be able to watch it all unfold as it is. 

Team SoloMid have been surprising, too. Just in a completely different way. The would-be champions of NA have found themselves in a haze of mediocrity, showing glimmers of top-shelf skill and then consistently reminding us all that they have some serious macro issues in 2018. 

Poor positioning, shoddy team cohesion, and an overall lack of late game prowess has seen TSM fall to sixth place right next to FlyQuest. 

It’s a disappointing performance from TSM so far this split, but as their fans like to say, “It’s only the current week!” So lets take a look at what you can expect from the teams this Saturday.

Echo Fox

I can say, without a bias, that this team has been the most phenomenal of any of its competitors.

As mentioned before, they’ve managed a first place record starting from a position where people didn’t know what to expect from them. If they had imploded and sunk to last place, no one would have fluttered an eye, yet they’ve exceeded the expectations of all. Against the easiest and hardest of opponents, and in some fashion, they have demonstrated absolute dominance aside from a sliver of weakness. 

Solid play from Dardoch and Huni have resulted in some scenarios where the solo carry option was a legitimate means to victory, while in other games Fenix and the Fox’s bot lane put out solid performances to get across the finish line in a team effort. 

It’s possible that we see a repeat of Echo Fox’s last game against C9 this Saturday, with a pick phase that is almost identical to any game you’d see this patch and a side of ‘one weird pick’. But then, Licorice‘s poor performance might have something else to say about that. 

Dardoch and Huni will likely be trying to take advantage of Hauntzer in the top lane, while Fenix and the Bjerg have a rough go at it. I’d expect Adrian and Altec to have another banger of a match to top off Saturday.

And in the other corner…

Team SoloMid

Can you be pretty good and pretty bad at the same time? Because that’s what comes to mind every time I bring myself to think about this group of should-be’s. 

Their performances are such a mixed bag so far, its hard to think that they will be any different this weekend. But if my optimistic side proves correct, I’ll go ahead and list what’s bound to happen for TSM on Saturday:

For one, Hauntzer will be playing an aggressive, high dps champion that will allow him to throw his influence over the rift along with a MikeYeung in the jungle who, despite being on an overall dip in form, manages to gank effectively and keep vision control all through to the late game. 

Said Jungler also manages to keep himself from getting caught out repeatedly.

Bjergsen, in tandem with a Hauntzer roam, manages to get a kill lead over Fenix. The gold lead begins to spiral in the form of extra cs and pressure in the jungle. 

The Euro bot lane, Mithy and Zven, use their EULCS powers to get a four kill lead with Kalista / Alistar combo. 

The team collectively uses their lead to group up and take objectives, putting enough pressure with minion waves and inhib destructions to get an easy baron. The buff then allows them to run a terrified Echo Fox over with ease and great communication, claiming a smooth victory for TSM…

It’s probably not going to happen.

And I wish I could say otherwise, but the only actual way I see TSM winning this one is if Echo Fox pull a derp and throw their mid-game away ala overcommiting to a cleanse-less Bjergsen or something.

If it wasn’t a Bo1 format, I’d say Echo Fox take the win 2-0, easy. Unfortunately, they can only win once, so my prediction:

1-0, and a victory for Echo Fox